english to mandarin translation..? no online dictionaries please..?

can someone translate this to mandarin..? no online dictionaries or online translators please,, and if it’s possible could it be "informal"? thanks.. same format please and the ** can be just english.. thanks..
best answer will be awarded as soon as possible..

i asked you if i was pretty, you said no..
i asked you if i was fat, you said "yes of course"
i asked you if you wanted to be with me forever, you said no
i asked you if you would cry if i walked away, you said no..
i had heard too much and needed to leave..
but as i walked away, you took my hand and told me to stay..
you told me i wasn’t pretty, i was beautiful..
you told me the only thing fat, or big about me was my heart.
you told me you didn’t WANT to be with me, you NEEDED to be with me..
and you said "*baby* if you walk away, i won’t cry,, i would DIE.."

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