I'm a white, 23 year old Canadian female who has studied and can speak Mandarin. What jobs in China can I get?

I lived in China for a year a few years ago and taught primary aged kids basic oral english. I got paid 5000 yuan a month and our apartment was paid (shared with 2 other teachers). At the end of one year we received 00 USD as a bonus (to buy our plane ticket home). While this was fun, I’m now looking for a lifestyle/career that allows me to live in China again. I DON’T want to teach little kids the alphabet.

I studied Mandarin at University for the past 4 years and am relatively fluent. I also intend to further my Chinese language knowledge when I get back to China. What kinds of jobs might be available to a white, female, chinese speaker who wants to live in China?
Uhh Dan Cupid.. FYI, unfortunately, it matters to a lot of companies in China if you’re a black foreigner or a white foreigner.

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