Mandarin Chinese or Japanese: Which takes less time to learn well?

Hello, I recently posted a question in regards to whether I should learn Mandarin Chinese or Japanese, and, while I did get some excellent answers, I have not been able to reach a conclusion. The main thing I am concerned with is: which takes less time to learn well/is easier? I got a lot of great responses as to why each language is important and other such advice, but not as to this aspect of language learning. I would especially like to hear from people who speak both languages (preferably who learned both as second languages) to get their input on the comparison. Again, I would like to know which is easier/takes less time and why.

Also, the textbooks I would be using to study from at my school (UMass Boston) are "Integrated Chinese" for Mandarin and "Genki" for Japanese. If anyone has used either of these texts, your review of them is more than welcome.

Any other advice would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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