What language is most important in Indochina Studies: Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, or other?

I’m an anthropology and international relations major at the University of Kentucky specializing in ecological anthropology and global environment relations, particularly how social injustices like human trafficking, drug trafficking, wars and conflicts, social inequalities, and terrorism are directly related to issues in human ecology (thereby creating economic and political inequalities). I want to eventually join the FBI as a special agent and work in counterterrorism, crisis resolution, and civil rights investigations.

My majors now require that I pick two regional focus areas and accompanying languages. Currently my focus is centered in Middle Eastern and Sub-Saharan African Studies with 4 semesters of Arabic Language. I’m fairly certain that I want my second region of focus to be in Indochina Studies. My question is, should I pick Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, or some other language as the compliment.

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