Pronunciation of Mandarin (Ji1 = 乩) vs.(汁 = Zhi1)?

In Pinyin theory, the consanont "J" should represent the "dy" sound, but when I listen to CDs it sound so me like they are just pronouncing the consanant "J" as "J" as in English ("Just", "Jump" for example).

I know Mandarin speakers use Hanzi instead of characters, so I use Zhongwen Zi below as examples:

When you pronounce (就 = Jiu4) do you say the "dy" sound or the English "J" used in "Jump", "Just"

How does the pronounciation of (Ji1 = 乩) compare to (汁 = Zhi1)….Do you say the "乩" with a "dy" sound or an English "J" sound.

I think the best thing for me to do is to make a Mandarin friend, and hear him/her speak, but I have no Mandarin people in my surroundings or in my neighberhood ect. thus I ask this question on Y/A

Thank you for sharing your culture and your knowlege with me.
I appreciate your kindness.

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