Do you speak French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Italian?

Hello everyone. How’s it going?

I wanted to try something fun with my cell phone voicemail and possibly have one of you make a voicemail for me : )

The plan would be this:

If you speak French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Italian then please send me an email at . I’d like someone who preferably speaks any of the languages above to talk with me via the IM telephone service (it’s free) and then I’d record you saying something in whatever language you speak so that I can put it on my voicemail.

For example, if you speak French, then I would record you saying something sexy in French and then using that as my voicemail. So whenever someone calls me, they’ll be totally confused and it’ll all be in good fun.

Email me if you’re interested. Merci!

P.S.- I’m only interested in female responses. No men. Thanks.

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