how to go about learning mandarin chinese – self-study & free (china business supwoerpower, etc?

Like for Japanese I used Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese and lots of other sources and song lyrics and lots of stuff so I’m at intermediate and I know around 1000 kanji, like i can read ’em all but Iccan write like half of ’em. this is one yera after I started but it wasn’t like everyday thing. but I did my work.
so if you know tae kim’s guide to japanese site it’s very striaghtforward, no frills, as long as your compettent you can do it.

So I want the same thing, except I know chinese grammar, well chinese is mad different from japnese. I’m talking Mandarin. What do I do to go from beginner to intermediate, etc.

Right now I have 0 knowledge, not sure if i’m not tone-deaf. But if i’m not, I htink I have competency. just reocmmend me some good sites,etc.
*except Iknow chinese grammar* is NOT WHAT i MEANT..

Except I know chinese grammar is mad different or I herad there was a lack of grammar

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