Anyone speak/write Mandarin or Cantonese (or both?)?

I am looking for someone who speaks fluent Cantonese and/or Mandarin to help me out from time to time i.e. I’d email you, asking for help. I speak pretty good Canto and am learning Mando. You would need to be fluent in English too, and if you can write Chinese, even better… please answer with your details or PM me them if you feel you can do it =]
Please and thank you ^^

Some background (you dont have to read this):
I am a British-Born Chinese; Cantonese is my mother tongue but sadly I am not as fluent as I would like to be. My conversational skills are strong and improving all the time, but having grown up overseas my grasp of the language is otherwise abit.. loose. >.<" e.g. I cannot translate Cpop songs, I would not understand a science lesson taught in Canto.
From TWDramas & my mum & Chinese classes, I have picked up some Mandarin but my understanding is still very basic.
I can only write about 20-30 words, if that!!
Oh, and if anyone has any good links or tips… would be great (Y)

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