Why can’t Bill & Hillary Clinton speak a second language like Mandarin fluently?

people exclaim how intelligent these people are and how much of a great president they would make..

How come Bill Clinton doesn’t speak mandarin and cantonese fluently? how many languages can Hillary speak fluently?

I can’t believe the severe lack of credentials these candidates have. Wow a law degree… since when is a law degree going to help you speak to Putin or Hu Jintao?

Speaking a second language fluently improves foreign relations and broadens cultural understanding.

I’m sick to death of these crooked lawyers getting presidential positions. Stop voting for stupid lawyers who do nothing but defend rapists and murderers in court.

Sick of lawyers.. and since when do lawyers care about people? (besides criminals)
oh Obama is a joke too… who is clearly being sponsored by Al Queda in his presidential campaign.
its pathetic a lawyer out of all candidates always hit the jackpot…

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