Is it normal if my gf’s friends dont want me around because I cant speak mandarin?

Me and my gf have been going out for about a year.Now we have gotten into arguments about this subject a couple times.I dont go out with her and her friends very often,but when we do they speak mandarin most of the time. Now i notice that her friends do speak english,i think they speak it a little better then my girlfriend does! Now my girlfriend tells me they don’t like her to bring me around because they feel uncomfortable that they are speaking mandarin and i can’t understand them. I really don’t mind, I just count it as spending time with her. I do notice sometimes they do speak english sometimes in there conversations but it ends up going back into mandarin. Plus my gf tells me there are just some things they cant express in english as they could in mandarin to each other. She tells me its more of a comfort issue on her knowing how to speak mandarin better than english. Im looking for opinions or maybe even similar experiences. People who speak mandarin as there native language are encouraged to reply! Thanks all!!

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