What makes you say “Chinese people speak Mandarin”?

French people speak French
German people speak German
Spanish people speak Spanish
Turkish people speak Turkish
why is it so ugly and clumsy to have:
Chinese people speak Mandarin?

perhaps "Chinese people speak Chinese" is better?
well, it’s not that they speak many "Chineses", it’s only one and unique…

Cantonese is Cantonese, i’m not talking about it…
with such logic, maybe China should be called "Hanna" instead, no?…
to make it Hanna people speak Han language…
is it okay there is no such nation as Mexicons?… those are native Americans + Spanish conquistadors… so we will not discuss why ppl in Mexico don’t speak Inca or Maya, ok?…

and we will not mention former French colonies, Indian union of regions or natives of Australia who speak Australian language while conquerers speak English…
Aviator, i’m still in China and this is exacly what i mean. When i hear people say "Mandarin dialect" i can’t but want to say "go to a constuction site and you’ll know what dialect is". What i hear on CCTV is definitely a language and this is Chinese language, the official language of China. Just like Cantonese is the main language in HK and Guangdong.
Mr Hex Vision, is it okay that Tibetan language is spoken by Tibetan people? and the language of Wu by Wu people? and there are 56 nationalities, almost every having its own speech?
Britain is a location, but the nation was called Angles and they speak English which is an international language in the country called GrBr. Welsh people speak Welsh language very well and so do Scottish people with their own dialect. Even though many Chinese people learn Chinese language at schools, they speak their dialects with parents at home. This is exactly what people in Ireland do, speaking both English and Gaelic.
Aaleigha, in fact, there is no such nation as "Canadian", they are a mix of Franch-English-native Americans. So they are not speaking their native language.

Same with SAf and other former colonies like South America. How many years of history does Pakistan have? As a country I mean.

There are no Mandarin people to speak Mandarin language. Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese are languages, all other are dialects.
Mr Hex Vision, the country is a Kingdom, Nor-Irl is a part of it, so they speak English very well… it’s just Ireland isn’t a part of British Isles but a separate geo object
Daniel v 8.33, if you don’t know — nobody forces you to post an answer here… it’s about "i know" position here
Mr Hex Vision, i’m not blind, it’s Britain you wrote, but what is Britain then? The lands of Angles, Welsh and Scotts. Is there such nation as "Bretons" nowadays? Not more than Celts. I didn’t touch English language at all because i know what was doing — a degree in English and Literature, graduated with merits as the pride of uni. What i’m saying is "instead of calling Chinese language Portugese clumsy word Mandarin maybe it makes more sense to call the language by the country, that is China – Chinese". And other speeches, which are different from it, call accirdingly — Cantonese, Taiwanese, and the dialects.
al, whoa, i’m almost shocked you didn’t call them Mandarinese people, as far as they speak Mandarin.

Pity you didn’t ask how many years I had lived in China. Maybe you would be surprised and mightn’t brag with your seven. What i do here is actually try to deal with a situation when a person writes "help me to translate Chinese" and some donkeys write an idiotic question "which one Chinese?" and "there are many Chineses". In fact, even the asker doesn’t know he could have wrote "help me to translate this Cantonese" or "help me to translate this Taiwanese". People come from Taiwan to Beijing and show a paper with 我想雞 to a young waitress in the restauant being convinced he willl get the chicken right now (i saw it myself). People go to Guangzhou and try speaking "shang-dian zai na-er?" and then cannot get what was told in response. My sarcasm is only for the soap bubbles, not for the people who live in the country and see the image of the ignorant foreigners who are treated as "听不懂,对吧?

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