I speak Mandarin Chinese. What kinds of great paying jobs are there for me?

Here’s the deal. I’m 27 female, half-white and half-chinese, but I look like I’m completely caucasian and often freak people out when they hear me speak Mandarin fluently. I just graduated with a Master’s in Creative Writing, but I’ve lost my desire to write professionally. ( I just want to write on the side, but not make it a primary profession.)

I feel like with China becoming bigger and expanding it’s power globally, someone with my ability could come in handy. But, I’ve been a professional student my whole life, and I have minimal work experience teaching (didn’t like it) and retail (Really hated it). So, my question is:

What can a person like myself do for a living? I can speak Mandarin Chinese, am very personable, but I don’t have experience in anything. Help!

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