How do I talk to native technical support?

My friend recently bought a computer directly from HP due to it being the lowest price, and since he doesn’t speak much English he left the talking to me… Nothing against the people of India, but I would be stoked to talk to a native person (American, but even Hispanic so I can use high school espanol to clarify or China/Taiwan since I speak fluent Mandarin)!

First, his speakers won’t turn on, it was sent without an AC adapter; simple enough problem, right? After 6 tries of asking them to ship it, they seemingly didn’t get it and I haven’t seen it… It was the worst call I ever made. Then not wanting to go through the hell again, I used their chat and they tell me it’s discontinued. Then, he finds out they denied his rebate when he definitely sent it out on time… They REFUSE to acknowledge that something is wrong!
Actually I just discovered a loophole… Since you can speak to a Spanish representative (which I found out that branch is in Minnesota, good ol’ US of A), some also Speak English (after asking with my high school level Spanish)… Problem solved!

However, does anybody have a better idea? Please share!
Actually the power adapter isn’t the issue; now it is the 0 rebate.

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