Strange Mandarin translation, please help?

I need help with how the words of this Mandarin translation work to produce the English translation, please help.

Let me give you the context:
In a dialogue between two people, one of them says "You should NOT go to the game", while the other, being a sports fan insisting that the game is important replies in the following sentence:

I am sorry for not being able to write with tone marks (I write with numbers instead of tone marks):

“Jin(1)tian(1) shi(4) zui(4)hou(4) yi(4) chang(3) guan(4) ya(3) jun(1) jue(2)sai(4).”

I do not understand the words in between (but not including) "shi(4)" and "jue(2)sai(4)" contribute to the English translation:

"Today is the finals–the championchip competition"…for this English translation, the pinyin should be:

"Jin(1)tian(1) shi(4) jun(1) jue(2)sai(4).", correct??… you see, deleted the middle words, because I don’t understand how they contribute to the English translation…

Therefore, HOW do the middle words in sentence A contribute
to the English sentence B?

To all Mandarin speakers, thank you for sharing your treasure with me,

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