need to double check my mandarin translation?

Hi, I am looking to find a translation of the term "Religious extremist" to Mandarin, and I am a bit reluctant to trust an online translator.
宗教极端主义 – This is what the online translator gave me when I asked for "religious extremist" to be translated.

I also liked this: 政教合一 which the translator says means "union of religious and political rule / theocracy / Caesaropapism"

If anyone could confirm these translations (or offer alternatives if they are found wanting), I would be greatly appreciative

My tutor reckons it’d help.. preferably ones with simple chinese and translations. Would be great. Thanks!

How do you say this in Mandarin Chinese?

Please translate this:

‘Hello! My name is Jackie Chan, and it’s very nice to meet you! Wait…"

I have to say that in Mandarin Chinese for a presentation.

Please include pronunciation if you can.

Thanks for the help! 😀
Also, could you translate it in Cantonese too? I’m going to need both translations.

Chinese (Mandarin) dialogue help?

Hi, I’m taking Chinese III and we’re using the New Practical Chinese Reader II. I’m trying to figure out what the following dialogue means. The two characters who are speaking are 林哪 (Lin Na) and 马大为 (Ma Da Wei). Looking at the dialogue, I think they are talking about another character, 宋华 (Song Hua). Correct me if I’m wrong. Please also correct my translations and fill in the stuff I don’t know, especially the translation of the first part of Ma Da Wei’s dialogue (before the first comma). Thanks in advance!

马大为: 刚才宋华来了,他也问我,林娜去哪儿?
林哪: 我给宋华写信了, 他怎么不知道? 他现在在哪儿?
马大为: 他回宿舍了。

Ma Da Wei: [not sure about the first part before the comma], he also asked me, "Where has Lin Na gone?"
Lin Na: I have sent Song Hua a letter, how did he not know [where I have been]? Where is he now?
Ma Da Hui: He has returned to the dormitory.

One more question: Is Lin Na wondering if Song Hua moved and the letter perhaps did not reach him? Is Ma Da Hui confirming this?
Okay, thank you so far! I understand the first part now. But did Lin Na help Song Hua write the letter, or did Lin Na write a letter to Song Hua? I think it’s actually the latter, because the exact, word-by-word translation is "I have given Song Hua written letter." What do you think?
The person who said the former just deleted their answer for some reason…but I would still like to know what the correct translation is. 🙂

Thanks to Darkest Lights! You were very helpful.

How to count 1 to 10 in Mandarin?

Please write in pinyin, and since there’s tones, please write it too. Thanks.

Just wondering, to Mandarin speakers, how can you differentiate the tones? I really want to learn Mandarin cause I watch alot of Taiwanese shows (in Mandarin), but only through subs or translations can I understand what they’re saying.

I only know i love you, or thank you…but the tones really trouble me. I plan on taking some classes, but it’s hard to decipher the language.

Basic Mandarin Translations, Please.

If you could please translate a few phrases for me, it’d be more than greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you know of a good website for excellent translations, please advise. [:

You’re beautiful.
I don’t know how to describe you.
I can’t speak Mandarin very well.
How do you say ______ in english?

Thanks in advance!

How to say "save water" in Mandarin Chinese?

How do you say "save water" in Mandarin? My dictionary has provided no answers, my parents only speak Cantonese and my sister is hopeless. By "saving water", I mean as in conserving water, and reducing water consumption. I’ve also tried the online translators, but they keep giving me translations equivalent to "rescue the water". Urgh.

I need a Mandarin translation that will get the same idea across and sound good enough for use on a brochure. Please provide alternate possibilities if you can and details on the meanings of each character used in the translation. Thanks a bunch!
Please no Google Translations…..

Simple Mandarin translation please?

I am on my school’s ping pong team. I play the funny caucasian person who can’t communicate with anyone else very efficiently. We are taking a trip to St. Louis this weekend for a tournament and I think it would be fun for me to say something in Mandarin to the people I’m driving before we leave.

I am a linguistics student, so you can use IPA contour markers or some sort of superscript to denote tone. Whatever it be, I’ll be able to understand it (unless your handwriting sucks).

I’d like to say:

Let’s go!

To St. Louis! (idiomatic equivalent)

Buckle up! (as in seat belts)

and one last one that I think I could use to make things funny.

"Of course" (like "yes, obviously")

Thanks people for your help. I’d look this stuff up myself, but it might be better for me to finish my homework and let you Mandarin speakers provide me with correct translations.

I appreciate your help

Please translate to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin)?

No Google translations please. Only Native Mandarin speakers. Thanks.

1. What do you study apart from Australian History?
2. Do you want to go to USA in the future?
3. In the future, do you want to work in Australia as a foreign diplomat or work in China as a teacher?
4. How many countries have you been to apart from China and Australia?
5. Could you talk about the future situation regarding studying English in Australia?

English to Mandarin translation – Simple summary?

Can someone help me translate this summary (of my winter break) into Mandarin? (Simplified, NOT traditional?)
It doesn’t have to be very complicated; hard words. I actually perfer very very simple words. I don’t understand manadarin, and I find my teacher to be very unfair, so whatever. If this isn’t too hard for you, i’d appreaciate it.

Summary :

During my 2008 Winter Holiday, I spent most of the time working at McDonalds. It wasn’t really busy, due to the big amounts of snow. We had to help do alot of shovelling. By the end of the week, I almost made 0. Other then working, I spent most of my time with my family, like on Christmas, or on New Years; took a break off work.
Over the Holiday, I had a great time, because I slept in late, no school.

Thanks! Points will be awarded. Please keep the chinese SIMPLIFIED, NOT TRADITIONAL (because I don’t know it 🙂 thanks ! )
BTW! Please don’t copy and paste to google’s translator ! It does direct translations, which isn’t correct

Chinese translation (Mandarin) please?

This is going to sound crazy but, How do you say the following in Mandarin Chinese?

Leave me Alone, Befor i chop off your head !

it’s a long story, but i would appreciate it if someone gave me the translation. Thanks in advanced. 10 points for best answer, please don’ use online translations.
Thank you, but do you think you can give me the pinyin for it? thanks ~!
well yeah i ment in the characters and also in pinyin so i can read and write it in chinese XD
more spasific, like with the tones and all that jazz if ya catchin my driff?

Does anyone know of a good web site that will help me learn the Mandarin alphabet?

I only speak English so it’d need to be in English, and with phonetic translations of the letters.

I’m making a website with options for Mandarin and Cantonese translations. What are the Chinese characters for "Chinese" ( in Mandarin) and "Chinese" (in Cantonese )