need to double check my mandarin translation?

Hi, I am looking to find a translation of the term "Religious extremist" to Mandarin, and I am a bit reluctant to trust an online translator.
宗教极端主义 – This is what the online translator gave me when I asked for "religious extremist" to be translated.

I also liked this: 政教合一 which the translator says means "union of religious and political rule / theocracy / Caesaropapism"

If anyone could confirm these translations (or offer alternatives if they are found wanting), I would be greatly appreciative

So far, I’ve only met THREE Chinese guys who could CLEARLY UNDERSTAND both Cantonese and Mandarin and can speak both languages fluently. The rest are like, "What? What did he say?" (my friend’s translation.)

My old mandarin book has the translation in it but I lost it.
It’s for an assignment
thanks everyone!!

Can you give an english translation too please?

Also can you write it in pinyin.

What are some mandarin terms of endearment?

What are some mandarin/chinese terms of endearment that you would call a boyfriend? (similar to how in english, we say things like "baby", "sexy", "darling") The only ones I can think of seem more suitable for a child rather than a lover.

Please give pinyin and translation! Thanks!

my penpal coming for a holiday asked me this question and i dont understand it
i would like good translation please,
i know ni is you
wo is me

Can you please give me the English translation of 每一个国家都要 齐备的美德. Is that a proper sentence or could the "qi bei de mei de" part make sense if it was a different combination of characters? Thanks
具备! a ha, I think it’s most likely ju bei rather than qi bei. That makes much more sense. What I wanted was confirmation of what "ju (qi) bei de mei de" could possibly be, since I heard it in a podcast and was trying to figure out the characters. So maybe some other suggestions as to what "qi/ju bei de mei de" could be after 每一个国家都要….

Sorry I know this question is a little confusing
I think 要 here must mean "have to" rather than "want" like in 我要去上班. I think Frosty Elf is probably the closest here. Anyway, will check back for best answer in a couple days. Thanks again

Translation english to chinese (mandarin)?

Can somebody translate these sentences to mandarin in pinyin?

1. We’ve got to hurry. Do you think we can get there in time?

2. How long does it take to get there?

3. If we don’t get lost, we can arrive to the dentist in time, otherwise we will be late.

Thank you =D

Plz no online translation

Hi all,

Another confirmation of translation needed:

To say "they attempt to use it as an excuse to do (something)"

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but it needs to have a slightly negative connotation.

The best I’ve come up with is:

Ta1men shi4tu2 yi3ci3wei2 jie4kou3, dao4 shi2jian4 …

Make any sense?

Mandarin Song Translation?

Can someone translate the song Wo de bao bei (My Baby) by Evan Yo? I can’t even find the chinese lyrics online let alone a translation. Thank you very much! ^_^

I’m looking for a translation of this in Mandarin without using a translator.

What Mandarin accent(s) are these?

Earlier today I was on YouTube searching for videos where they speak Mandarin slowly and clearly (without any English translation because I wanted to focus just on how things are being pronounced) and I came across what look like Christian-related videos in Mandarin Chinese.

Now, I don’t need any translation. You don’t even have to listen to the whole thing, as long as you can tell me where the accents come from. I understand that within Mandarin there are different accents: Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou/Hong Kong, Taipei, Hainan, etc.

Please tell me which region(s) of China these accents come from.
Thank you!

1) Male Narrator (8 min. 35 sec.)

2) Female Narrator (9 min. 11 sec.)

I can and did read the titles myself, thank you very much. But I wanted answers from native speakers.

how to write these letters in simplified chinese?

I just want to write these letters in simplified chinese. "A" "D" "R"
also if possible a translation for the letters in traditional and mandarin chinese…


Mandarin to English song translation pleaase? ?

The song is called "guo qiao" by a Chinese singer Hou Xian or also known as HoHo. I don’t know Chinese, and I couldn’t find a translation anywhere! I know that Chinese doesn’t always translate good into English, but could someone please try? I’m pretty sure the video and Chinese lyrics are on youtube and google! Btw has anyone not from mainland china heard of him? This is one of his older songs too. I’m from America! Haha thanks alot!!! 😀

Please translate this:

"Hello! My name is Jackie Chan, and it’s very nice to meet you! Wait…"

I need the translation of this for a presentation.

I asked this earlier, but for some strange reason it was deleted on Community Guidelines.

Please add the pronunciation too if you can.

Thank you for your help~! 😀

Does written Chinese language have different words for the land of China than for the country of China. Are there different symbols for each or do they share the same symbol. In either case, chat is the correct way to translate "China, People’s Republic of". Right now it is being translated as "中国". Is this the best translation?

I tried looking in an online dictionary but the translation showed up only as a bunch of vertical lines.

What is the translation for my vietnamese name "Thang" in mandarin?
I’m actually vietnamese and my viet name is Thang( meaning win or wins^^) it says on this tranlation site two different mandarin words^^ first Win mean Ying and Wins mean Ronghuo^^ so which one is the right translation or you can just tell me your thoughts^.~.

Mandarin Translation please!?

Can someone please translation:

"Look what I found! Why do I have this?
Anyway Nice video project. Now I’m hungry."

Learn Mandarin !! Best Free Resources.. enjoy.?

I’ve spent hours looking online to learn Mandarin..
So here are some sites and tips to help you..

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any other sources you’re free to add on.

(pinyin table) Beginner

(reading conversation) Intermediate- very Useful

(dictionary/ write Chinese Character)

( audio Conversations) beginner/intermediate

(Quiz your chinese Character/hanzi) All levels

(another Chinese Character Test)

( watch chinese movies FREE)

Use Google translation (very useful)

Use firefox add-ons ( download free Chinese Music MP3)
well Elena, you numb nut!

In case you didn’t know and if your tiny brain can’t grasp it, the country of China consists of 2 languages. You "silly" bitch 🙂


I don’t know the name of the song. He sings in Mandarin, and speaks in Cantonese. Please help! Pinyin, Chinese characters, or English translation are all fine.

A Chinese/Mandarin ?? translation?

Hey guys, I play an online game and keep getting this whispered to me. I’ve googled it some but it’s too confusing, and i can’t get past Ni Hao. Any help with a full translation?

Ni hao wo shi shou jin bi de.

And there it is.

Could Jesus speak Mandarin or Spanish or French?

It would seem to me that if Jesus were the son of God he would have been able to speak other languages apart from the language of his country of birth so as to the pass the message onto people of other nationalities.

If he truly wanted to save mankind from sin I think he would have had the foresight to correctly state the message in every known language so as to avoid the errors in translation that will unfailingly occur.

Tell me, did Jesus ever speak Norse to the Scandinavians? With an Irish accent?
@Jill: You’re kidding right? The Bible was originally written in Hebrew. Golly.

Because, I want to intern at a pharmacy store but most of their customers are mandarin. My mandarin itself is elementary so I want to prepare as best I can. I just need the most common phrases/words in english. My parents speak mandarin so I can ask them for translation.

I’m actually vietnamese and my viet name is Thang( meaning win or wins^^) it says on this tranlation site two different mandarin words^^ first Win mean Ying and Wins mean Ronghuo^^ so which one is the right translation or you can just tell me your thoughts^.~.

Chinese translation (Mandarin) please?

This is going to sound crazy but, How do you say the following in Mandarin Chinese?

Leave me Alone, Befor i chop off your head !

it’s a long story, but i would appreciate it if someone gave me the translation. Thanks in advanced. 10 points for best answer, please don’ use online translations.
Thank you, but do you think you can give me the pinyin for it? thanks ~!
well yeah i ment in the characters and also in pinyin so i can read and write it in chinese XD
more spasific, like with the tones and all that jazz if ya catchin my driff?

Chinese (mandarin) Translation Help Please?

hi, i need a translation for an english sentence or two to be translated into chinese mandarin (simplified)
I would like to say: "Please can you bring the advanced workbook from last time we read it?"
My second sentence i would like to say is:
"The book has many passages and proverbs, do you remember?"
Any answers for either of the sentences is very much appreciated, thanks a lot

I am a native english speaker with an interest in finance as well as translation; particularly with English and Mandarin.

I would like to know what kind of demand your company has for employees who can translate financial/business terms from English to Mandarin and vice versa.