learn chinese in which Shanghai univ???

Hi, im planning to learn Mandarin in Shanghai but i dunno which univ should I pick? DO you have any suggestion? and what should i prepare to go to shanghai? what month do they usually start the class? how about the accomodation, cost, and other stuff (food,travel,shop,etc) … I greatly appreciate your time =)

o and I can understand some basic Mandarin but not fluent on talking back =P do you think I should learn to talk basic stuff first before going there?

Thanx =)

I currently attend a huge university, one of the biggest in the US, and roughly 15% of our students are international students, most from East Asia, the majority of whom are Chinese international students who usually are there for a semester/year. While I am American born-n-raised Asian, something I’m not going to boast about because there are indeed negatives of being a minority, I did learn a lot of East/Southeast Asian culture from travelling there almost ever damn summer lol and can identify East/Southeast Asian language pretty well when it is spoken so I’d venture to say roughly 70% of international Asians at this school are Han Chinese, most speak Mandarin and not Cantonese. From experience the the majority of the rest are South Korean and then Japanese/Southeast Asians share an even share.

There is a Chinese chick in my class who I would be attracted to but the main problem is a huge language barrier. There is a mutual attraction definitely according to my friend. But I’m not sure if this will ever work because of language barrier. While I’m East Asian like her, my ancestors left China in the 1800s to go to Thailand so really the only two languages I’ve been raised to know well are English and Thai and aside from obvious East Asian Shanghai looks (where most ancestors are from) I usually identify as Thai.

The only language me and her share are English and my lame command of Mandarin. Whereas she is excellent at Mandarin but not English. Interracial/’inter-lingual’/whatever relationships are mainly about culture, since without culture there wouldn’t be "race." I feel that because of language, the different in our culture (philosophical, religious, and somewhat fiscal matters) might be rather vast and a relationship couldn’t last, no?

I want to learn Mandarin. Help?

Hi, well I am half Chinese. My mom is from Hong Kong and so I never have been exposed to the Mandarin language. I only have some knowledge of Cantonese, but I cannot speak it, I only understand it and that’s it.

I want to learn Mandarin, but what is some way to learn it? Also when people say they teach Mandarin, or some software that teaches Mandarin – do they just teach Standard Mandarin spoken in Beijing? Is there much difference between Beijing Mandarin and Shanghai Mandarin? Is it true that the Standard Mandarin that is spoken in Beijing is taking over in other regions and so the other dialects of Mandarin that are spoken in places like Suzhou, Shenzhen, etc. are not being spoken that much anymore by the young people living there?

How difficult is Mandarin to learn when comparing it to Indo-European languages such as French or English? And also what do you think is the most difficult thing about learning Mandarin? Are there any complicated things about how the language is structured?
Oh and also, how similar are Cantonese and Mandarin? Seeing as I can understand Cantonese, could that mean I would be able to understand a bit of Mandarin? Would it make it easier to learn the language?

I’m currently a sophomore at a 4-year American university in Paris, France. Racially, I’m half Chinese but culturally I’m American. I only speak English and French, so my mother is suggesting that I study abroad in China next year to learn Mandarin because I am a Marketing major/Communications minor and it would be useful. I would probably be studying at NYU Shanghai because my university has an affiliation with them.

However, my boyfriend thinks it’s more logical for me to transfer to a university that’s more beneficial to my major. He’s really encouraging me to study in California where I’m from and he’s even suggesting that he might transfer along with me. He also suggests I study at an actual French university so I can solidify my French because I am not yet completely fluent. His final point is that he believes that I will not fit into the Chinese culture nor learn Mandarin sufficiently enough during my one year abroad in China.

His points seem valid but I am still hesitant as to what I should.


1. I’m Chinese and my parents are Chinese. They say they’re from mainland China.. But what exactly is mainland China? Beijing, Shanghai.. Guangzhou, ect. ect.?

2. My Mandarin teacher at school is Taiwanese and she has an accent. She said she learned how to write in both traditional and simplified. Do all Taiwanese citizens learn both forms?

3. What do Taiwanese people speak, if they aren’t speaking Mandarin? Are they local dialects or do they have one, unified language with a name?

4. Does Taiwan have a different/separate pinyin system than China? My Taiwanese Mandarin teacher is spelling all the pinyin incorrectly and it’s really getting on my nerves, but I don’t want to call her out.. Is she following her own country’s pinyin system? Or is she simply bullshitting on the board?

What Mandarin accent(s) are these?

Earlier today I was on YouTube searching for videos where they speak Mandarin slowly and clearly (without any English translation because I wanted to focus just on how things are being pronounced) and I came across what look like Christian-related videos in Mandarin Chinese.

Now, I don’t need any translation. You don’t even have to listen to the whole thing, as long as you can tell me where the accents come from. I understand that within Mandarin there are different accents: Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou/Hong Kong, Taipei, Hainan, etc.

Please tell me which region(s) of China these accents come from.
Thank you!

1) Male Narrator (8 min. 35 sec.)

2) Female Narrator (9 min. 11 sec.)

I can and did read the titles myself, thank you very much. But I wanted answers from native speakers.

I and my friend (girls) are going to Beijing and Shanghai in March. We will spend a 3+ days there. We can not speak mandarin at all. Will a lonely planet work ? if not, which one you recommend ? and if you have other travelling tips to Beijing pls also advise us ?

I am going to visit China next year with my HS for two weeks. I believe we are going to Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, the Great Wall, and some rural locales. Should I study Mandarin or Cantonese? And how similar are the two languages? If I knew Mandarin and heard somebody speak Cantonese would I be able to understand them, would they be able to understand me?

And What software do you recomend to learn the language?
As for the software, I’m a student, I don’t want to spend much but I want something effective. I’m thinking eBay…

Best way for me to learn Mandarin Chinese?

I visited China last summer and absolutely fell in love with the place. My company has a headquarters there in Shanghai and I would like to be able to transfer there sometime in the future, but first I would have to be able to speak mandarin! I know the best way to learn is to go to language school in China, but that isn’t an option for me. Also classes at a university aren’t an option since I travel full time for work. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have been looking at things like rossetta stone and fluenz, but I’d like to get some advice from people who may have used those products before I throw down the 0-0.
detailed answers would be appreciated as to why you liked/disliked a certain software or method.

in Shanghai, what language do they speak?

do they speak mandarin or cantonese? I am from the UK and have absolutely no idea which of these languages is spoken most of in shanghai.

Thanks in advance

Should I goto Shanghai to learn Mandarin and business?

I am 27 years old with about ,000 to use in Shanghai. I really have no concrete plan but to learn Mandarin and business.

It will be hard to learn Mandarin but I am Asian (not Chinese) which should give me a little, if any, advantage. Also, I do plan on staying for about a year and with a little schooling I should be able to pick it up somewhat… My question is, what would you do if you were able to speak Mandarin and how would you utilize those skills in business?

I would like to also do business in China. I’m not sure how hard it will be to find products to export, but the possibilites are lucrative. If you have any first-hand experience I would love to hear from you with any advice greatly appreciated.

I will be leaving to Shanghai in about 3 weeks with no plan but to learn Mandarin and do business. Do you think this is a good idea?
It looks like I will be making my move. Any other suggestions/advice?

Hi. I am considering take a 6 week intensive Mandarin course in Shanghai. It would be one-on-one tutoring and 40 hours per week. I do not expect to become conversant, but just want to learn enough so that I can continue speaking with friends afterwards. I am starting from scratch, but have a lot of native speaker friends. I do not speak any languages besides English. Thanks.
I am 28 years old.

What’s the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese? I’ll be going to Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an.
Just a few phrases and some numbers . . . nothing big.

Is there a big difference in Wu and Mandarin?

I’m going to China near Shanghai and I read that the language spoken there is Wu. Would a Mandarin phrasebook be okay or should I get one for Wu? Do they speak both dialects in the Shanghai region? I read that the news is still in Mandarin there.

I am using Levels 1-3 now in preparation for travelling to Beijing and Shanghai. I have read some negative reviews of the pronunciation used and the correction method through the headset, and want to be sure I’m not making a big mistake by relying on it. Of course, I’m also watching news programs, etc. in Mandarin, but I can’t listen closely enough at the normal speed to pick up the actual enunciation of words.

preferably shanghai, thanks!

I’m going on an Internship next year after University and I’ve been teaching myself Mandarin Chinese for just over a year. I had my heart set on going to Shanghai in China for a year but I’ve just seen an awesome opportunity in Malaysia.

I know there is a Chinese community in Malaysia but it seems to speak more southern dialects than Mandarin. I would still like to use my (terrible) Mandarin while abroad, is this possible in Malaysia or is it just as bad as trying to learn Mandarin in the UK? Will the Malaysian Chinese understand Mandarin? Will they be willing to talk in the language?

Thanks for the help

Where to go to learn Chinese Mandarin in Shanghai?

For a person who has no knowledge of Chinese, who is willing to spend 6 months to a year in Shanghai, to eat and breath Chinese. Looking for a established language school, hopefully one that provides room and board.
Thanks for the answers, I am now leaning towards going to a university (6 months to a year), enroll in some kind of Chinese immersion program, and finding my own place to live through Craigslist.

Any suggestion as to which university I should check?

I’m from Hong Kong. I can’t speak Mandarin at all. I only know Cantonese and English.

If I wanted to move to Shanghai, what would I be able to do? Or would it be very pointless and nobody will employ you if you can’t speak Mandarin?

I don’t have a university degree yet, but I am studying right now in England. But I’m just thinking like when I finish university what I want to do. I will probably stay in HK, but am just curious as to what it would be like to move to Shanghai?

what language do people mostly speak in shanghai?

know in shanghai people speak Wu, but how many can speak Mandarin and English? just give me a rough idea please.

I’m just new relocated in Shenzhen city from shanghai. I’m a mandarin teacher and english teacher, I want to do some teaching as a tutor at home (my home have enough space). But I really don’t know how to let people know about me, so my question is how can I find students in shenzhen ?
Thanks guys