I’ve chosen to learn mandarin chinese as an elective in school. I’m home schooled and do my school work on a program on the computer. My Instructional Supervisor said that I would be learning this on the Rosetta Stone program. I was wondering if it would be too difficult to learn as a second language because my first is English and I’ve never learned any other. I’m ok if it is a little difficult to learn as I am not afraid of a little work but I would just like to know if I would actually be able to comprehend it to not fail the class. Thank you!

Are the second-language Mandarin speakers in China?

Can someone explain please? Because if Mandarin is all concentrated in one country, why are a fourth of its speakers second-language speakers?
thanks in advance!!

Background: I am Filipino. English is my second language I studied it since nursery.

I have been learning French for 4 years now and I think that’s it’s about time to start learning another one. I like all these languages. Mandarin I think will be a strong point for me in the future if I master this language but I dont have too much passion and interest for China. Probably just for the language and the tones. It’s like a song to the ears. I know it’s very difficult and so I must take it seriously. However, I have always wanted to learn another European language. I have a HUGE passion in Europe. Europe is my dream and I hope that I get to live there one day. France is my love. I think it would be an advantage to learn Spanish because it is widely spoken. However, German is also an advantage business-wise? What do you think? Im really torn. I want to choose the best one. My heart is with Europe (Spanish vs German) but I think it would be wise to learn Mandarin… So what is the next step? Help me please!

Mandarin Chinese language?

I was just wondering if you had any techniques for learning Mandarin Chinese and also reading,memorizing, and writing the symbols(forgot what they are called) also could you give me a short list (or however long you want) of mandarin chinese colors, ms., mr. mrs, hi, bye, why, I, you, we , etc.
If you were american and mandarin chinese was your second language you learned how hard was it to learn? Thanks

Thanks so much!!!!! I really appreciate it 🙂
I know Im still going to work hard I just wanted some advice thanks though 🙂

where can i go to learn a second language?

i really want to learn a second language, but i don’t know where to go. where should i go or what book or cd-rom should i get? i would like to learn Mandarin and spanish and some day be fluent in both.
p.s. i have taken a few spanish classes but that was in high school and i know the two or completely different

What other language should I learn in Australia ?

I want to learn another language but want to pick the right one
I am not going to learn mandarin but need to know what would be the most usefull second language to learn in australia

I’m thinking of learning either Mandarin or Japanese for my second language. Technically, I have some background in Spanish, but I really dislike it, so I’d like to learn something completely different and I’m very interested in doing study abroad in either China or Japan. Obviously my first language is English. I was wondering if you could give me some pros and cons to the languages themselves — I have heard that Japanese is harder to learn for English speakers? But I also heard that both have a very rigid grammatical structure and don’t have the complicated verb conjugations that you have to deal with in Spanish. Anyway… thoughts?

do people in vietnam speak Chinese?

do people in Vietnam speak Chinese?
Even as a second language?
Do you speak Mandarin or Cantonese

I started learning mandarin 6 weeks ago. At first things go really fast and I learned words and greetings easily. Now things are going slower. Not harder, but slower. So my first question is has anyone experienced this? My 2nd question is do you learn a second language faster than your first one? I was talking to my mom (monolingual) and she said that by the time I am 18 (I am 13 now) that I will be able to speak like a 6 year old. Is this true? I have heard of people becoming fluent in a language with a couple of years of hard work.

I have some teach your self materials, but I mainly practice with 3 native speakers through skype. I use a webcam and so do my partners.

I am 14, and turning 15 in about 4 months. I really want to learn foreign lanuages while I’m young. I really wish I learned how to speak foreign languages when I was younger, so I could have a head start. English is my first language, and I am fluent in it. My second language is Tagalog, but I can only speak a little bit. I can understand words, phrases, and accent of Tagalog. Therefore, watching Filipino soap operas is easy to me because I can understand what they are saying, but I sometimes get confused and have to ask someone to translate for me.

I’m currently raking Spanish 1, and I’m learning many words, but it’s sometimes difficult for me even though Tagalog is Spanish-influenced. Now I want to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese. BTW, is there a difference between speaking Chinese and speaking Mandarin Chinese? Or is that the same? Can you please give me tips, so I can learn these languages? I want to take advantage of my age and be prepared.

anyone know of any book or website where a chinese person can learn hindi. its easier to learn a new language from your mother tongue. there are alot of english sites to teach hindi. but english being a second language. im looking for a mandarin to hindi resource. thanks!
actually im in canada. and i need to help with some chinese friends. their English is second language too. so an English to hindi book will be more difficult. thats why im looking for a direct Mandarin to hindi. Thanks

Best Books/Cds to learn Mandarin Chinese?

I am thinking of taking Chinese I next year as a second language at school. This year I want to get ahead and study Mandarin this year in preparation for next year. What are the best text books/whatever for an absolute beginner trying to learn Mandarin by himself? thanks

Why to learn mandarin?

Ok I live in southamerica…. and I learned english a few years ago, because I know that english is spoken everywhere… or almost. I mean if someone wants a second language, he/she would choose english… so I took it as the best option.
BUT!…. now everybody talks about learning mandarin…. I hate it. I hate them talking about the (FUTURE) importance of it and I hate the language (with all respect to Mandarin speakers).
They all say "Business with china make mandarin indispensable"…. but I really disagree… because as I said in a lot of industrialized countries people talks english…. specially if it’s about business ¬¬.
Maybe is just thay I don’t want to learn a new language, and my rejection to mandarin… but what I say makes sense…. at least for me….
So…. why to learn it?… is like learning a strange language in of any other weird country of asia just for that… ¬¬

I know Cantonese(粵語) is the most widely spoken language in Hong Kong.
Many Hong Kong people speak Cantonese as their first language.

Then what is Hong Kong people’s second language?
Is it English or Mandarin(Putonghua普通話)?
Which language do Hong Kong people generally speak better?

people exclaim how intelligent these people are and how much of a great president they would make..

How come Bill Clinton doesn’t speak mandarin and cantonese fluently? how many languages can Hillary speak fluently?

I can’t believe the severe lack of credentials these candidates have. Wow a law degree… since when is a law degree going to help you speak to Putin or Hu Jintao?

Speaking a second language fluently improves foreign relations and broadens cultural understanding.

I’m sick to death of these crooked lawyers getting presidential positions. Stop voting for stupid lawyers who do nothing but defend rapists and murderers in court.

Sick of lawyers.. and since when do lawyers care about people? (besides criminals)
oh Obama is a joke too… who is clearly being sponsored by Al Queda in his presidential campaign.
its pathetic a lawyer out of all candidates always hit the jackpot…

what do you think i heard some people said that but if we study about the english in many conutries is the second language around the wordl and the chineses is a language tone so you can say 1 word like 4 differents forms and each tone mean different thing.and you can image the chinese in computer like visual basic.c++,etc…and the teacher say in china all the business are in eglish and you don’t need to speak chinese sooo what do you think

Mandarin translation?

Can you please translate this into mandarin?

Do you speak a second Language?
Are you interested in joining a language club?
If so please go to "website"!
Thank you