Here’s the catch: I am Chinese, and I actually have some knowledge of the language. I am capable of understanding some words and phrases, and I have an somewhat-intuitive grasp of it. However, I really would like to master the language. Is there any resource specifically geared towards people like me.

If not, I am also open to suggestions for great resources in general. I would also really like to purchase one textbook to supplement anything I learn online. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Basic Mandarin Translations, Please.

If you could please translate a few phrases for me, it’d be more than greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you know of a good website for excellent translations, please advise. [:

You’re beautiful.
I don’t know how to describe you.
I can’t speak Mandarin very well.
How do you say ______ in english?

Thanks in advance!

Im learning Mandarin.. any tips?

Im learning Mandarin Chinese in my spare time. I have a neighbor that speak Mandarin but he is much older than me and I think it would be hard to practice with him until I can speak more fluently (his english is not very good at all).

Are there any websites, books, particular phrases that anyone would suggest to me?

Also does anyone know any tricks for learning pronunciation on your own?

Need the english to pinyin please for a couple phrases!

‘She has drug therapy tonight.’ (like, rehab session)

‘Nope, me and her are robbing a bank after drug therapy.’


‘Are you deaf or just stupid?’

And ps it’s mandarin isn’t russian… it’s chinese ;D

I started to take Chinese classes right now, and learned how to pronounce the tones in one or two syllable. If you have to talk in long sentences then how do you speak with correct tones?

For example:
你好!I know that for the "ni" part, I’m supposed to raise the voice even though it’s actually a third tone. On the "hao" part, I’m supposed to drop the voice, then raise it back. The same way goes for the 很好!I know how to pronounce the tones correctly if I have to speak in one syllable or two, but I don’t know how to do it long sentences or incomplete phrases.

Let’s say if you’re saying something like “我爱你因为你很可爱!(I love you b/c you’re cute)”. Then how do you pronounce the tones perfectly? I just need help with the tones? I don’t want to get laughed at.

A good website to learn basic mandarin?

I’m going over to china for a few weeks to live with a Chinese family. Just thought it in good respect to learn at least the basics of their language. Just simple phrases and words. Also some things I might need to use in emergencies. I have a few months to get a basic grasp before I fly over. I need something with pronunciations; not too bothered about how to read or write.

Please response if you had used any version of any language.

I heard it is all phrases and vocab. Is this true or is this like a virtual Chinese class?


I am 14, and turning 15 in about 4 months. I really want to learn foreign lanuages while I’m young. I really wish I learned how to speak foreign languages when I was younger, so I could have a head start. English is my first language, and I am fluent in it. My second language is Tagalog, but I can only speak a little bit. I can understand words, phrases, and accent of Tagalog. Therefore, watching Filipino soap operas is easy to me because I can understand what they are saying, but I sometimes get confused and have to ask someone to translate for me.

I’m currently raking Spanish 1, and I’m learning many words, but it’s sometimes difficult for me even though Tagalog is Spanish-influenced. Now I want to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese. BTW, is there a difference between speaking Chinese and speaking Mandarin Chinese? Or is that the same? Can you please give me tips, so I can learn these languages? I want to take advantage of my age and be prepared.

What’s the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese? I’ll be going to Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an.
Just a few phrases and some numbers . . . nothing big.

Should i learn mandarin or cantonese?

I know this has been asked many times, but i would still like to make sure whichever i learn first (i plan to learn both) is applicable. I read that mandarin is more of a "set in stone" language, where as cantonese is harder and has a lot of difficult rules, such as more tonals, but more incorrect use of tonals, this dosent bother me, im fairly good at learning languages and dont see myself having to much of a problem.

My biggest 3 fascinations with china are the monks, culture, and history. My dream would be to go live in a buddhist monestary for a short while. =)

As for where i would go is tricky, i would be switching between small villages and big cities, tho is i had to predict, i would guess i would be spending most of my time in smaller villages.

I do have friends from china who have been teaching me phrases in chinese, but i dont know which they are lol! They didnt know what Mandarin and Cantonese even where, because in china they say Pu tong hua (Mandarin) Guang dong hua (Cantonese). I just learned that today so i havent asked them which theyve been teaching me yet…..

As for other learning tools im sure i can find infor on both though i know mandarin has alot more on it.

Anyway based on my situation which would be best to learn first? Or have a better grasp on?

I would really appreciate if someone can translate the following phrases into mandarin (using the chinese symbols):
"i will really miss you"
"keep in touch"
"have fun"
and please tell me which one is which as I can’t write/write in mandarin at all – i just want to copy them 🙂

Thanks so much!!

I have a friend from university whose surname is "Wong" and his parents are from Guangzhou. Which dialect of Chinese does he most likely speak? I want to learn some phrases in that dialect to surprise him.

Do you speak Mandarin? Help to interpret?

I was attacked by my neighbour a few weeks ago and this video is the only evidence I have on him. It’s not of the attack but moments afterwards. Can you help interpret what they are saying? Do they confess to the attack?

The police won’t charge him unless I can get evidence or a witness. Please, this is my last chance!!!

Here’s the link
A transcript would be great!! But phrases will be good too!!
I know they speak Mandarin cos he told me so. They are Chinese not anything else. Please genuine answers only will get points.

How would I write these phrases in Chinese? Any help would be appreciated!

Do you like to dance?

Do you like to listen to music?

Do you like to study?

Do you like to swim?

So, my boyfriend is Chinese, and he makes a huge effort to learn English in order to be able to communicate with me. And I just feel bad because I don’t really know any Chinese…

SO, I decided to learn at least the basics. Does anyone know any good sites to learn from? Is Chinese REALLY hard? How long would it take for me to say simple phrases?

The languages I know pretty well: Korean, English, German, French.

errm… yup..

thank you!

Well I’m 100% chinese but I don’t know how to speak anything but 3 phrases. I have the option taking either a mandarin or cantonese class[not both tho]. I have a few chinese friends and they all know cantonese so it would be cool to be able to talk to them in cantonese but my family understands mandarin. Also, I heard that mandarin is good so you can use it to communicate to people from all different areas.

Which should I learn? Pros&Cons? [I definitely can’t choose both. The classes are at the same time so that would be impossible]

How to speak Chinese with a Taiwanese accent?

I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents who prefer a girl who can speak Mandarin, so I’m trying to learn some basic phrases (hello aunty, how are you, etc) I’m Vietnamese and 1/4 Chinese, though I speak neither languages.

My Taiwanese friends have been coaching me but I’m still having trouble maintaining the accent.. any how to videos or something?

thanks 🙂
(p.s. not cantonese or mainland Chinese accents please)

What is the most common Mandarin phrase you use?

In English, we have many phrases/slang that are used in everyday speech. Things like, "you bet" or "gnarly" or "dude," etc. What phrase or term do you find yourself using the most when you speak Mandarin?

How do you say these words in mandarin chinese?

I want to learn how to say some words in mandarin chinese, so I can talk to some of my chinese friends in chinese. These are the words/phrases I would like to learn how to say in mandarin chinese:
-How are you?
-My name is…
Thanks for the help!! Even if you don’t know how to say some of the words please try to translate the ones you know how to say!!

I need to have popular communication phrases in chinese character, followed by english so I can point to the phrase and my chinese coworkers can see what I’m saying. I’d love to simply talk with them – you know, to be able to say "hello" and "please" and "thank you" at the very least… I don’t even need to know how to pronounce each phrase…not just yet! Any resource you may know of would be appreciated! thanks!