Mandarin Pinyin to English Translation?

hello, could you please translate this phrase the best you can?

women yao hen duo de tiao wu

thank you

Could you help me write this phrase in Chinese?

I would like this phrase written in Mandarin Chinese using actual chinese letters:

Nanotechnology is the future

mandarin to english translation help?

i have the phrase in an email and its not copy/paste-able. written in symbols, would someone be able to help me translate to english?

Translation of Mandarin?

Can someone translate this phrase: wo bu xi huan ni

And don’t use an online translator. I already tried that and it’s pretty obvious because it’s not a coherent phrase.

Mandarin to English translation?

This phrase may sound ridiculous, but what does "ni de nai nai xiang liao ge da xi gua" mean in English?

Translation from Mandarin?

Please, could someone translate this for me? 莱木业有限公司

I was searching in Google "莱木" because that’s approximately how my Spanish name sounds but the mysterious phrase always kept appearing… I don’t want to make up a Mandarin name that sounds like something related to the real estate business, as it appears to be =S

Mandarin translation, Please?

I want to translate the phrase:

"I love Beijing"

Is it:

"Wor ai Beijing"

Thank you (xie xie nin)

[For technical reasons I cannot ask Yahoo answers china]

Mandarin translation?

I want to translate the phrase:

"I love Beijing"

Is it:

"Wor ai Beijing"

Thank you (xie xie nin)

[For technical reasons I cannot ask Yahoo answers china]

For people who speak Cantonese or Mandarin?

Hey, sorry for being a stupid white canadian, but I cant tell if this phrase .. or series of words is in Cantonese or Mandarin; thus, I am not able to translate it. :O

nei hua jing pin

. Thanks <3
Ps .. sorry if it isn’t either language. I didn’t exactly think of that possibility …

I know another phrase, *Wo mm jee dow* which means *I don’t know.*


I’m an English-speaking Asian-American and was hoping to get a translation of this phrase. As it is slang, I can’t just translate it on Chinese-English translation sites. If possible I would love to have the phonetic version as well. I’m looking for a specific set of words it sounds like "lo lee bah so"

I believe it’s either Mandarin or a dialect of Taiwanese. Thanks!

Like, if your teacher is talking to you and you do not understand a particular word or phrase, how do you say, "What does [x] mean?" or "I did not understand [x]"?

What is a simple way to say this? I tried saying "[x] shi shenme?" But I am not sure if that is the correct sentence for this context.

What is the most common Mandarin phrase you use?

In English, we have many phrases/slang that are used in everyday speech. Things like, "you bet" or "gnarly" or "dude," etc. What phrase or term do you find yourself using the most when you speak Mandarin?

I need to have popular communication phrases in chinese character, followed by english so I can point to the phrase and my chinese coworkers can see what I’m saying. I’d love to simply talk with them – you know, to be able to say "hello" and "please" and "thank you" at the very least… I don’t even need to know how to pronounce each phrase…not just yet! Any resource you may know of would be appreciated! thanks!

How can I learn chinese/mandarin in short time?

I will take a trip to China for business.but my mandarin skill is zero. I would like to learn something but looks so difficult for me. any idea to get some useful word or phrase with mandarin in short time?

Thanks a lot