NEED TRANSLATION: english to mandarin chinese pinyin?

Please help translate in pinyin?

Hello. My name is Jane. I am Korean. I was born in Seoul. My birthday is June 26. I am 16 years old. I am a high school student. My favorite subject in school is English.
There are 4 people in my family: my dad, my mom, my younger brother, and me. My phone number is __________.
My best friend is Kim. She and I have been friends since 6th grade. She is very funny.
I enjoy playing the piano. I also like to read. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.
I always sleep late– my sleeping time varies from midnight to 4 AM. That is why I love coffee. It helps me to stay awake.
it would really be helpful if you helped..

What language should i learn?

I’m taking a language class in school, and we have six languages we can learn from.

– Italian

– Spanish

– Mandarin Chinese

– Japanese

– German

– French

I’m leaning toward German, because my mom speaks it and i think it would be cool if we could talk in German to each other XD

But what’s your opinion?

should i learn mandarin or cantonese?

i am just a 14 year old boy who lives in florida and i would just like to learn another language everybody seems to learn spanish and my mom is trying to force me to take it but im just not into it so should i learn mandarin or cantonese i have no other reason in wanting to learn another language except for me being interested in it and my 1st language is english

I want to learn Mandarin. Help?

Hi, well I am half Chinese. My mom is from Hong Kong and so I never have been exposed to the Mandarin language. I only have some knowledge of Cantonese, but I cannot speak it, I only understand it and that’s it.

I want to learn Mandarin, but what is some way to learn it? Also when people say they teach Mandarin, or some software that teaches Mandarin – do they just teach Standard Mandarin spoken in Beijing? Is there much difference between Beijing Mandarin and Shanghai Mandarin? Is it true that the Standard Mandarin that is spoken in Beijing is taking over in other regions and so the other dialects of Mandarin that are spoken in places like Suzhou, Shenzhen, etc. are not being spoken that much anymore by the young people living there?

How difficult is Mandarin to learn when comparing it to Indo-European languages such as French or English? And also what do you think is the most difficult thing about learning Mandarin? Are there any complicated things about how the language is structured?
Oh and also, how similar are Cantonese and Mandarin? Seeing as I can understand Cantonese, could that mean I would be able to understand a bit of Mandarin? Would it make it easier to learn the language?

I have taken Chinese in school for about a year. (about 5 hours a week) Now in the summer I am taking immersion classes. which is…(20 hours a week). I am trying to find someone in the US that can speak Mandarin Chinese very well so I can video chat with them to gain speaking fluency. I think the best way is to go to China, but I’m poor. I am applying for a program to go to China in 2010. What computer programs can I use? (Rossetta Stone SUCKS BALLS i tried it as a trial… terrible)
i will like a free way. Edufire looks like a GREAT place to learn but I just cannot afford it (im a teenager, don’t have a job, and my mom won’t want to pay for it)

I am Mexican, but I do not speak Spanish. Both of my parents are Mexican, but only my mom speaks Spanish. I speak fluent English, it is my first language. I get crap if I mess up when I try to speak Spanish even though English is the only thing I have been around for the majority of my life. I live in America, it’s the language I had to learn to get around in life.

Is there another person out there who doesn’t speak their ethnic language? (Like a Chinese person who doesn’t speak Mandarin.)

I started learning mandarin 6 weeks ago. At first things go really fast and I learned words and greetings easily. Now things are going slower. Not harder, but slower. So my first question is has anyone experienced this? My 2nd question is do you learn a second language faster than your first one? I was talking to my mom (monolingual) and she said that by the time I am 18 (I am 13 now) that I will be able to speak like a 6 year old. Is this true? I have heard of people becoming fluent in a language with a couple of years of hard work.

I have some teach your self materials, but I mainly practice with 3 native speakers through skype. I use a webcam and so do my partners.

Mandarin(chinese) Translator!?

My bf’s mom wants to talk to me but.. she doesn’t understand English, Korean or spanish (i speak those languages).
Can you translate this in Chinese?
Side note: (wall) me= facebook term~

Hi Jay’s mother
How are you?
I wanted to see how your doing since its been a while that we talked/met.
I Hope you can "wall" (message) me back~
Oh by the way, your family is doing well including Jay.

-Tabitha <3

I know his dad’s from HK and his mom’s from Taiwan, and in everything I see of him, he speaks Mandarin…Does he speak Cantonese at all?

Just wonderin’ haha

Thanks! =)

since my mom is from taiwan.i tend to speak mandarin a lot cuhs i dont really hear my dad speak cantonese much. but lately, im starting to visit my dad’s mother and i feel left out wen they talk cause i don’t understand wat they’re saying. also wen i go to Dim Sum with my family lol xD so long would it take? thanks! xD

What's The Easiest Way To Learn Mandarin Chinese?

My family is moving to Taipei,Taiwan next year because that’s were most of my family live`s. I’m full Taiwanese. My mom & dad didn`t get around to teaching me & my brother so I wanted to know if anyone can give me some tips or something because my mom & dad are to busy to teach me and my brother.

& please don`t recommend a site were you have to pay for a program.

Thanks. =]

I’ve noticed that even though my family roots was in Guangdong and my mom was from Guangdong province (I was born in Canada), people in HK treated us pretty well and were able to help us out when we were lost, etc.

When I went to HK 12 years ago with a friend who spoke Mandarin for 4 days, we weren’t treated as well. Is it true?

I am going to learn together with my mom some Mandarin.
But i am wondering if you can also understand Cantonese if you learn Mandarin?
Its only a dialect after all.

Taiwanese or mandarin translation please?

I don’t know the proper spelling so I’m going to spell it to how it sounds. I’m Taiwanese/American, but never had the chance to learn Mandarin or Taiwanese. When ever my mom get upset at someone she will call them a "chow cot soon". My dad always says it means something along the lines of dirty a**hole. Whenever I ask her what it means she just smiles. Thanks guys!
I’m not sure if it’s taiwanese or mandarin. The only other way I can try to spell it as it sounds is

"Chow caught sooon"