Question says it all. I use Pinyin b/c it is now a standardized spelling, even in Taiwan, but I’ve heard others say that the older Wade-Giles version is actually closer to Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Is that true?

Can any Chinese speakers write "I wish I shared the same confidence as you" in Mandarin Chinese? And please, no Google translate. 🙂

Thanks In advance.

TRADITIONAL MANDARIN CHINESE with pinyin and characters *ONLINE*? xie xie!

Korean name translate into Mandarin Chinese?

Can someone give me the Mandarin Chinese translation of the Korean name "Ji-Yeon So" in Mandarin characters and in English please?.

10 points to whoever can help me. And thank you in advance.

Pronunciation of sounds in Mandarin and Korean?

I’ve recently begun studying Mandarin Chinese and Korean.

Now obviously there are many sounds in each language that are not in English, but I’m curious about similarities between sounds in these two languages.

One sound (two sounds?) in particular has caught my attention. They both seem to be similar in some ways to English "s" but with the tip of the tongue touching the bottom teeth. So here is my question: are the sounds represented by "x" in pinyin and by ㅅ in hangeul the same sound?

What are some mandarin terms of endearment?

What are some mandarin/chinese terms of endearment that you would call a boyfriend? (similar to how in english, we say things like "baby", "sexy", "darling") The only ones I can think of seem more suitable for a child rather than a lover.

Please give pinyin and translation! Thanks!

what are my chances of becoming a cop at this age?

I’m 31, college educated (Criminology and Criminal Justice), can speak Mandarin (Chinese) and some Spanish, and I’m in excellent physical shape. I was also a school police officer in the past and a 911 dispatcher.

I’m a bit worried because of the job market. Will being able to speak Chinese and Spanish give me a big boost over the competition?

Program to quickly learn Mandarin Chinese fluenty?

I am looking for a program where I can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently in a short time period (up to six months or so). I’m currently in college but don’t have time to take Mandarin classes and want to explore the alternatives. I once talked to to someone who became fluent in a program after only six months. Does anyone have any knowledge of these programs or links to their websites? I’m not talking about study abroad, but something entirely different. My college has abroad programs, but they also include reading and writing and don’t reach the same level of speaking fluency.


How easy and long will it take for me to learn Thai?

Urm ….. I learn Mandarin Chinese and I find it really easy with pronunciation and just generally
I speak some Burmese as well
so Tones are no issue
My first language is English
I grasp foreign grammar quite well
I just wonder about Thai


What is the best language to learn in the long-run for a career in the Financial Services, specifically Accountancy and moving into Corporate Finance or Restructuring later on?

For example would it be better to learn Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish etc. ?

Do the people in Taiwan speak Mandarin Chinese?

If you speak Mandarin Chinese, can you go to Taiwan and be mutually understood by them? I’ve heard many different things, and I’m really curious about what they speak there.

today i saw a news saying that the best language for business except English is Mandarin Chinese.
Do you consider this a true information…?

What language should i learn?

I’m taking a language class in school, and we have six languages we can learn from.

– Italian

– Spanish

– Mandarin Chinese

– Japanese

– German

– French

I’m leaning toward German, because my mom speaks it and i think it would be cool if we could talk in German to each other XD

But what’s your opinion?

What language should I learn next?

I think of branching out into another Asian language in about a year, but am not sure if I should tackle Japanese, Mongolian, Korean or Tibetan… I would do this just for fun and to have access to literature in one of these languages. I already read, write (both traditional and simplified) and speak Mandarin Chinese. Any suggestions? Any comments about the individual languages? Any experiences with these languages? Thanks a lot.
My mothertongue is German.
Oh yes, and please no infantile remarks, please. FYI, my life is translation work!

I’ve chosen to learn mandarin chinese as an elective in school. I’m home schooled and do my school work on a program on the computer. My Instructional Supervisor said that I would be learning this on the Rosetta Stone program. I was wondering if it would be too difficult to learn as a second language because my first is English and I’ve never learned any other. I’m ok if it is a little difficult to learn as I am not afraid of a little work but I would just like to know if I would actually be able to comprehend it to not fail the class. Thank you!

I am looking forward to learn Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong. Need to practice with people. Can any one suggest if there are any get-togethers happening in Hong Kong for langauge exchange?

I can speak English, Hindi, Japanese language.

Thank you,

Is Korean Hard to Learn To speak?

I am half Chinese and Half Irish. I speak Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese,MinNanese, Understand a little Japanese because i watch Anime and i Learn to speak English when i was 11. Now i’m 14 and can talk with English with no accent and actually super good at it(Able to do Multiple Accent including British, Irish, American) Now my question is will i be able to learn Korean with no difficulty or will it be too hard and not worth investing my time in? Thank you very much.

I have a question about learning Mandarin Chinese?

I had to take a foreign language and my only options were German or (Mandarin)Chinese so I signed up for Chinese. All of my friends are telling me that I am crazy and that learning Chinese is too hard. English is my main language. I know conversational Spanish, a little Arabic, and a few words in Japanese. The class is from late August until mid December. Do you think I can learn Chinese or do you think that my friends are right, that it would be too hard?

I want to visit some real buddhist temples in the far future, and want to start studying either Korean (Lots of temples there…) or Mandarin Chinese (A few temples as well… and most popular language in the world…)

So which one should I learn to visit/speak with monks? Which place has more temples? Thanks 🙂

How should I learn vocabulary?

I’m currently teaching myself Mandarin Chinese.
I have an electronic dictionary and it’s very useful, i’m just not sure that using the "common words" section of the dictionary is going to produce the results I need to learn this language.
So, what is the best way to learn vocabulary? Should i continue doing what i’m doing, or do you have a better suggestion?
Thanks in advance!

For a gradualt-level course, I must learn the basics of either French, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. Which language is considered easier to learn and speak?

I don’t want to be ignorant and offend people by saying that they are the ‘same thing’ just how people say that hispanics and mexicans are the ‘same thing’ which they aren’t. So with the Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese what are their differences and similarities? Is the language and the writing system the same or not?
If I spelled mexican wrong I’m sorry that tends to involuntarily happen when I type fast…

Mandarin Chinese,Korean,Japanese,Hebrew,Spanish,French & German. What would be the best one to learn first ?

How do you say these in Chinese?

How do you say "I love it. Your version of this is interesting"
In Simplified mandarin chinese? BTW I’m talking to a female, about a drawing fan-art. Thanks, and please no google translate. ^^;

I currently live in Chengdu, China as an English teacher. I am trying to learn Mandarin Chinese but I am having a very hard time speaking and understanding what people are saying and how to respond. I was wondering if anyone knows of a radio station I can listen that teaches mandarin Chinese and also plays news and music in Mandarin. If there isn’t anything like that can anyone give me some great ideas to help me learn Mandarin?

Thank you for your help!!!

Mandarin Chinese language?

I was just wondering if you had any techniques for learning Mandarin Chinese and also reading,memorizing, and writing the symbols(forgot what they are called) also could you give me a short list (or however long you want) of mandarin chinese colors, ms., mr. mrs, hi, bye, why, I, you, we , etc.
If you were american and mandarin chinese was your second language you learned how hard was it to learn? Thanks

Thanks so much!!!!! I really appreciate it 🙂
I know Im still going to work hard I just wanted some advice thanks though 🙂

Mandarin Chinese: Where can I go from here?

Ok I’ve finally finished my Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese course and I’m kinda stuck as to what to do to learn more material. I could look through a dictionary I guess and try to learn words but I really like the Pimsleur method (Not just listen and repeat, forming sentences with previous knowledge.)

I’ve seen the FSI (Foreign Service) Mandarin Lessons and I guess I could go through them, but they’re ridiculously boring. Does anyone know a sort of fun way to boost vocabulary and even some grammar?

I go to China at the end of May to practice speaking in the environment but I have much to learn (and my listening skills SUCK)

How to find a good face-to-face Chinese tutor?

I have learn Chinese with ,more than 3 months,and I have a good teacher online,but I want to take a face-to-face Chinese course .If you are a Chinese with good pronunciation in Mandarin Chinese,please contact me at once.thx

I have taken Chinese in school for about a year. (about 5 hours a week) Now in the summer I am taking immersion classes. which is…(20 hours a week). I am trying to find someone in the US that can speak Mandarin Chinese very well so I can video chat with them to gain speaking fluency. I think the best way is to go to China, but I’m poor. I am applying for a program to go to China in 2010. What computer programs can I use? (Rossetta Stone SUCKS BALLS i tried it as a trial… terrible)
i will like a free way. Edufire looks like a GREAT place to learn but I just cannot afford it (im a teenager, don’t have a job, and my mom won’t want to pay for it)

What is gray play-doh in mandarin chinese?

I want to learn mandarin chinese by shopping in Taobao.

how to write ''Mehrdad'' in mandarin chinese?

how to write ”Mehrdad” in mandarin chinese?

Do you know of any intensive French programs that are strictly for people who want to master the language in a short period of time?

Someone was telling me that their friend took intensive courses at a school in California and learned Mandarin Chinese in 6 months. How and where can I do this with French?

I have just graduated an am wondering how my degree in history can be used to land an entry level position in a corporation? I also can speak Mandarin Chinese, but wish to stay in the United States for my career.

I want to learn Mandarin Chinese but I need to learn the characters, however, I don’t want to learn the wrong characters if I buy a book on Chinese simplified and traditional characters. Do I have to specify Mandarin Chinese when buying a book on the characters or are they the same as regular Chinese characters.

How do I say this in Mandarin Chinese?

Write it in chinese charachter or pin yin, both would be better.

How do I say this in Mandarin Chinese:
This is the washroom
This is the living room
his is the bedroom
This is the kitchen
This is the dining room

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