originally came from south of Fujian? does it mean even the aboriginal Taiwanese were also mainland Chinese? does it mean Taiwan has always been part of China? let alone the 3 million people that KMT took to Taiwan that Chiang didn’t kill all speak mandarin also. Please enlighten me.
i do have a cantonese friend here, her mother speaks minnan so she also speaks minnan dialect, she told me in parts of Taiwan people speak minnan, what does it mean?

How many speak mandarin in Hong Kong universities?

I’m thinking abut going on exchange to HKUST for a semester during my degree. Not just because I want to learn mandarin, but because I like Hong Kong and they have an engineering agreement with my university. However, I have learned some mandarin and would like to keep learning when I’m there. I do not want to go to the mainland because I know how bad many of their universites are, and I’m not good enough to do engineering in Chinese.

Even though they speak catonese in Hong Kong, HKUST offer mandarin courses that I can take. How common is it for people to know mandarin at campus and also want to speak it with me? I have heard there is a lot of mainland people going to Hong Kong to study, so I can practice with them. Is that right?

How are Taiwanese people viewed in Hong Kong?

I have heard there is some racial discrimination against Mainland Chinese in HK. What about Taiwanese people in HK? Are they viewed positively or negatively? The reason I ask is because I am a British-educated Taiwanese person that grew up in the UK. However, my father is Cantonese. I plan on moving to HK for work. Will it be easy for me to make friends? I’m trying to learn some Cantonese but only speak Mandarin fluenty. Thanks!

How to speak Chinese with a Taiwanese accent?

I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents who prefer a girl who can speak Mandarin, so I’m trying to learn some basic phrases (hello aunty, how are you, etc) I’m Vietnamese and 1/4 Chinese, though I speak neither languages.

My Taiwanese friends have been coaching me but I’m still having trouble maintaining the accent.. any how to videos or something?

thanks 🙂
(p.s. not cantonese or mainland Chinese accents please)