Background: I am Filipino. English is my second language I studied it since nursery.

I have been learning French for 4 years now and I think that’s it’s about time to start learning another one. I like all these languages. Mandarin I think will be a strong point for me in the future if I master this language but I dont have too much passion and interest for China. Probably just for the language and the tones. It’s like a song to the ears. I know it’s very difficult and so I must take it seriously. However, I have always wanted to learn another European language. I have a HUGE passion in Europe. Europe is my dream and I hope that I get to live there one day. France is my love. I think it would be an advantage to learn Spanish because it is widely spoken. However, German is also an advantage business-wise? What do you think? Im really torn. I want to choose the best one. My heart is with Europe (Spanish vs German) but I think it would be wise to learn Mandarin… So what is the next step? Help me please!

ok if you look at my last question before this, you’ll understand what i’m talking about =s

1. China is not even a developed country. It is dirty both inside and outside, not to mention the horrible Chinese parenting that the middle 20th century has carried along to the 21st century. My parents are Chinese, they are the exact echo of their own parents. They are people who put money first before love. They are extremely greedy people, who CONSTANTLY pin us down into studying our arses off and getting a good job as the common DOCTOR, LAWYER, SOLICITOR to get money and "LOOK AFTER ME WHEN I GROW OLD." Let alone the amount of racism towards every other race just vibing off that crappy country.

2. The streets are dirty, you look at the roads, and you know that this ain’t a proper civilized community. People do not wear seat belts in their cars when they are in the back seat, people cross the road whenever they like, and sometimes walk in the middle of the road along with the cars, like it is PATHWAY. People spit everywhere, air is polluted, and extremely crowded.

For such a dirty, uncivilized country, how could one even think of mentioning the possibility of China dominating Earth in 10 years?

Best way for me to learn Mandarin Chinese?

I visited China last summer and absolutely fell in love with the place. My company has a headquarters there in Shanghai and I would like to be able to transfer there sometime in the future, but first I would have to be able to speak mandarin! I know the best way to learn is to go to language school in China, but that isn’t an option for me. Also classes at a university aren’t an option since I travel full time for work. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have been looking at things like rossetta stone and fluenz, but I’d like to get some advice from people who may have used those products before I throw down the 0-0.
detailed answers would be appreciated as to why you liked/disliked a certain software or method.

How many languages can you speak?

I speak Spanish, I’m improving my English, learning a little bit of Mandarin and French and I’d love to learn Italian.
How many languages do you speak and how long did it take you to reach the levels you have in the languages you’ve learned. What’s the best way of learning different languages?
Thank you

English – Chinese (mandarin) translation?

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***no online translating thingys…"**

Any websites? Apparently, I need more internet friends to chat normal discussions. Most people who do talk to me are usually a friend or two and guys who I had some sexual history with (and its seriously awkward to talk to them when I have a boyfriend).

I usually go on the chatrooms in japancupid, or IRC (though no specific channels to go to anymore..)…
Its just that I hardly have anyone to talk to anymore. Most of my former bestfriends just walked away from me because they fell in love with me and I did not returned the feeling, and it became too awkward for them to even chat with me!

I’m a gamer too, so meeting ppl who r into games n recreational stuff helps too!
My bf thinks I’m desperate and I have no life (ie, he told me to go out with my friends or concentrate in school; that got me pissed), but its not true… I just don’t have many people to talk to.

But today I’m going downtown for a mandarin language gatherring, it might be interesting and I may meet new folks. But I still prefer an online talkative friend on msn or sumthing.

To punish my bf, I’m not gonna talk to him until sunday -__-;;;

chinese/mandarin translation? [pinyin&character]?

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mandarin translation please … tnx ?

i’m in love with a star !!
how can i say that in mandarin .. tnx guys ..

because i need help @ this for school thanks also advanced & intermediate so i can learn them next time note i am a slow learner because i have a disability called : pervasive developmental disorder & i have always wanted to go to university thanks
i also plan to study & to fell in love with a girl someday
i mean like self studying

I need to have popular communication phrases in chinese character, followed by english so I can point to the phrase and my chinese coworkers can see what I’m saying. I’d love to simply talk with them – you know, to be able to say "hello" and "please" and "thank you" at the very least… I don’t even need to know how to pronounce each phrase…not just yet! Any resource you may know of would be appreciated! thanks!

I’m just curious, because when the Japanese borrowed that word into their vocabulary, it became "kanji." Was the "h" more gutteral maybe (so as to be confused with the "k" sound), and the "i" more like an "ee" sound, at that time? I realize this is a very specific question I’m asking, but I’d love to know.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Yahoo! Community,

I need a Bible that is printed in English but has a Mandarin translation right along the English translation. I don’t have much money to spare as I am a college student but I’d love a Bible that both my mother and I can read. I live in California and I prefer to buy it in store rather than ordering it online.

Warm Regards,
Jason Xiao