Learn Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, or Hindi?

Please take the time to read the entire details area. I’m currently a double major in finance & accounting with a minor in hospitality management. I honestly don’t know what I am going to do yet but it is obviously going to have something to do with accounting and/or finance in a corporate environment and I want a language that will help me with getting and excelling at a job. I have the chance to study abroad in one of three places and I want to learn the language that corresponds. Here are the various choices and corresponding situations/details. Any well thought out advice is greatly appreciated.
-All three schools are well respected and advanced in education and I am getting a wealth of scholarships to help in funding a majority of costs.
1. Pondicherry, India @ IISAC https://www.semesterinindia.org/
– it will be easy to get course credit transfered from here, it is very affordable, their website is extremely informative, India is very dirty, . Most people in India speak English so Hindi may not be as much of an asset.
2. Shanghai, China @ ECNU https://english.ecnu.edu.cn/
-it will be more difficult to get credits transferred from here, very affordable, nice looking but not informative website, Shanghai is polluted. Mandarin seems to be the most in demand language and therefore would be the largest asset but take into account all the details and situations before you advise me to choose this.
3. Tokyo, Japan @ ICU https://www.icu.ac.jp/index_e.html
-I am hands down most interested in Japanese culture, great non polluted environment, fresh/healthy food, very expensive, very modern school, same difficulty in transferring credits as China, very informative website, Mandarin is also taught here. Japanese seems valuable as a language but not nearly as much as Mandarin and Hindi but the biggest factor at this school is that the school/living costs here are almost twice as expensive as the other two.

what are my chances of becoming a cop at this age?

I’m 31, college educated (Criminology and Criminal Justice), can speak Mandarin (Chinese) and some Spanish, and I’m in excellent physical shape. I was also a school police officer in the past and a 911 dispatcher.

I’m a bit worried because of the job market. Will being able to speak Chinese and Spanish give me a big boost over the competition?

I have taken Chinese in school for about a year. (about 5 hours a week) Now in the summer I am taking immersion classes. which is…(20 hours a week). I am trying to find someone in the US that can speak Mandarin Chinese very well so I can video chat with them to gain speaking fluency. I think the best way is to go to China, but I’m poor. I am applying for a program to go to China in 2010. What computer programs can I use? (Rossetta Stone SUCKS BALLS i tried it as a trial… terrible)
i will like a free way. Edufire looks like a GREAT place to learn but I just cannot afford it (im a teenager, don’t have a job, and my mom won’t want to pay for it)

What do i need to learn besides chinese?

I’m thinking of learning mandarin in university, but what else would i need to learn to be able to get a job in china? I’m assuming you need some other form of skill seeing as everyone else there can speak chinese too. What would be the best thing to do that would help get a job?

What language does Philadelphia speak undercover?

I am going to get Rosetta Stone to further my language skills. I know there is a Japanese and Mandarin Proficiency Test Available in the Tri-State Area so I can eventually get certified after my Associates. However, my question is, what language should I focus on (Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Hebrew) to give me an advantage in Philadelphia? Rosetta Stone does not offer Cantonese. (Which is stupid!) So, besides that and Spanish, what secondary language would be a great asset in the job market for Philadelphia County?

I am 15 and I have started learning Mandarin Chinese, I really would like a job in international something but I’m not sure what :L. I really like languages.

Does it increase salary and what are the benefits?


Should I learn Japanese or Mandarin?

I want to be a doctor and have the best chances to get into a good collage, med school, and finally a job. What will be better for a doctor who is planning to stay in America for the most part, japanese or mandarin? Thanks.

What is the best way to look for a job in China?

Is is better to look for a job there or here in the US? If from the US, where should I look? I am a 21 y/o college grad (Economics) and do not speak Mandarin. I don’t want to teach english but rather I am looking for something in business, hospitality, or entertainment.

what type of job should i look for in china?

I graduated with a Major in history, A minor in both Chinese language and Psychology. I can speak Mandarin Chinese. I want to find a job where I can travel a lot, meet lots of people, and speak a lot of Chinese. I live in Shanghai, China. I currently teach English (which I’m a little tired of)

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what type of job I should try and how I should go about finding it.


I would really like to learn Mandarin Chinese to communicate with my co-workers and customers at my job. All I know is that "how are you" is "ni hao ma" in Chinese. Please help if you can. Thank you!

I want to maybe work in the CIA when I get older helping them translate Media and Documents, because I speak Mandarin and in the future Korean. However, can I be myself there? Are the people that work there complete robots?

I want an important job using my language skills, but not if it means having no fun.

I currently speak Mandarin Chinese and English (as well as Malay, because I live in Malaysia) fluently, and I am wondering what other languages should I learn to get a competitive edge by the time I graduate and enter the job market in 4 years.
Well, as far as Chinese dialects go, I speak Hokkien and Cantonese as well as a bit of Teochew. ^.^

I hope to move there one day, but for now i am focused on finishing school in America. I am a Taiwanese person, i cant read it but can somewhat speak mandarin. When i finish school i hope to work here for a couple of years then if i can move to Taiwan and find work there. Can i get a job there with just english? Would i need to learn to read and speak better?
How many years of experience would i need?

I would like to find a way to get employment in Asia as a professional but also to learn Mandarin. I do not necessarily want to teach English, but I would like a job that will assist me professionally in my current field of study which is commercial aviation management or something similar such as Business. Does anyone out there know of agencies or organizations that hire English speakers in Asia? So far I have just been finding English teaching jobs. I would really like to find work in Asia so I can get my feet wet in being fluent in Mandarin. Thanks anyone that can help!

I am looking to work as a translator to translate between English and Mandarin Chinese. I have seen job posts up on the internet on a project to project basis. I was wondering if anyone has any experience that they would like to share with regard to how to get started in this field. I am fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, I can both translate/speak and write. Thanks in advance.

I graduated with a Degree in Communications and minor in Chinese (mandarin). I currently work in PR where I don’t get to use chinese at all and I am losing my ability fast.
What can I do?? I probably should have chosen a business major or something like that but it’s too late now.
Everybody talks about such a need for chinese but what about intermediate level? Are there jobs that can help me develop my chinese so that I can be useful. Jobs in China? US? I would really like a job where I could use chinese. I’ve worked so hard and it seems like such a waste to just let all my learning go.
Oh and please don’t say teaching English. Been there, done that. I’m looking for a career. It was fun and all, but I didn’t use Chinese and I am definitely not interested in teaching English anymore.
Clarification: I actually did learn and develop a lot of my Chinese while teaching English. But I didn’t use chinese in the job which is my point. And teaching English is not what I want to do.

I can speak write read and type mandarin
but im a little weak at english
can speak tagalog with people
simple english.
where and what kind of job can i find in manila philippines?
the other problem is im just almost (after this month) 18
years old…have working experience.but only at restaurant
the other thing is
im exactly filipino
i was born in philippines
raice in philippines and taiwan
but i live in taiwan while im teenage ( im only 17 years old now..almost 18 no far)
tutoring is hard to find students
cause there wasnt that more parents belive at the age of 17….to tutor there sons
but i really have a great skills in mandarin.
the same time im also learning the character of china (shortcut ? i dont what it call)
by looking the front and the back of the sentence,its not hard for me to know the meaning of the sentence

for the call center . i really dont know about the things of that job.and it seems you need to be very well in english,too…as you see,im not that good in english…but basic english and tagalog comunication to people is not problem for me
( age is the really one big problem )
raised..not raice…see 🙁 my english isnt that good (but someday i will master it too)
tourist guides …eh..
for truth. i never mind about it
= = manila isnt really a place that tourist are going to
most of tourist go to cebu or other more island look …..
im in manila Q.C.
thank for all of advsie 🙂

As above whose job is just to take care an elderly old lady,weighs about 40 kg,wheel chair bound.(no pets,no children to take care of).Even can take afternoon nap,can sleep early @ 8.00pm,wake up @ 7.00 am.

I understand and speak English, Cantonese, mandarin.?

my mother tounge is mandarin and than i learnt cantonese and english at the same time when i was 2. one self tought one teached by a teacher.

will it be easier to get a job in a fast food resturant?

My major is Business Administration, I’m thinking about taking mandarin as my minor. I have been informed that business in China is booming and will continue to be the case for the next 50 years. I would like to work in China for a major bank.

I’m wondering what the job market is like in China upon my graduation?
What are the figures on yearly salaries and such?

Any outside information relating to this question would be extremely helpful.

I dont speak mandarin nor cantonese but am very fluent in English and speak urdu,punjabi and kiswahili well.i would like to know whether it is possible for me, as a qualified doctor (M.B.B.S-bachelors in medicine and surgery) with 3 years experience in clinical work in hospitals in Kenya and Pakistan ,to find a job in Guang Zhou?

I live on the west coast of America now (California) and am going to college. What kind of job could I get just being able to speak Mandarin and also with basic knowledge of Chinese customs and business practices? And where would I look for this type of job?

In B.C, Canada, I have come across a few Chinese restaurants who require that the applicant speak Mandarin fluently in able to work at the restaurant. Is this legal? Considering the restaurant is located in an area where the majority of the population speak English as their first and usually only language?
You’re right Demi, I never thought of that! I guess I should tell the manager of the card shop down the street to fire the guy who is missing his left arm because he’d do a better job if he had two. Thank you for your most intelligent insight.

I live on the west coast of America now (California) and am going to college. What kind of job could I get just being able to speak Mandarin and also with basic knowledge of Chinese customs and business practices? And where would I look for this type of job?