Can any Chinese speakers write "I wish I shared the same confidence as you" in Mandarin Chinese? And please, no Google translate. πŸ™‚

Thanks In advance.

I want to say, "I’m speaking Chinese because… ζˆ‘δΈθ¦ζˆ‘ηš„ε¦ˆε¦ˆε¬εˆ°ζˆ‘δ»¬."
Or "I’m speaking Chinese because… ζˆ‘θ¦η»ƒ." (I’m not sure if that’s right, but whatever.) xD
I would appreciate if you could answer in pinyin, I don’t know a lot of characters, only basics.
Edit: If you speak more than one language, you should know that Google translate sucks. I wont use it.

How do you write "they" in Chinese?

I am looking for the way to write ‘they’ in Chinese, simplified AND traditional.
Also, how do you say ‘they’ in Mandarin, I learned it as ‘tāmen’ but my friend says that’s incorrect, now I’m confused.

Please answer only if you’re fluent in Chinese, no Google translate -_-

Surely, from a business perspective, Cantonese is more useful? Yes, Mandarin is spoken by (way) more people, but you can’t deny that the most economically-booming places in China speak Cantonese (Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau just to name a few). So why are foreigners being told time after time that it’s better to learn Mandarin?
@Mike: WORNG. Only 4% of Hong Kong speaks Mandarin.

Please answers from people who actually know what they’re talking about.
@Casey Y: WRONG. How are you top contributer? You can’t even perform a simple google search? Mandarin and Cantonese are completely, and utterly unintelligible. Simple google search before you spew out nonsense.
One last time: If you even NEED to google before answering, that means you DON’T know what you’re talkng about. And talking about it without even googling first is even MORE idiotic. Again, ONLY ANSWERS FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

How do you say these in Chinese?

How do you say "I love it. Your version of this is interesting"
In Simplified mandarin chinese? BTW I’m talking to a female, about a drawing fan-art. Thanks, and please no google translate. ^^;

Theres a BBC Documentary called "Wild China" from the year 2008.
I want to google it in mandarin. Apparently it was broadcasted under the title "Beautiful China" in China.
Can anyone google that and tell me the mandarin version of this title "Beautiful China" ?
Please dont translate it literally but google it first!

Thanks πŸ˜‰

There’s a Chineseish song on Youtube and I don’t know its name. So in order to figure out the name I need to type in the lyrics on Google; but I can’t make heads nor tails of the spelling!

Here’s the link:

Unfortunately it goes with a Foot-binding video so if you’re squeamish, I suggest you scroll down the page and simple listen…

Mandarin to English song translation pleaase? ?

The song is called "guo qiao" by a Chinese singer Hou Xian or also known as HoHo. I don’t know Chinese, and I couldn’t find a translation anywhere! I know that Chinese doesn’t always translate good into English, but could someone please try? I’m pretty sure the video and Chinese lyrics are on youtube and google! Btw has anyone not from mainland china heard of him? This is one of his older songs too. I’m from America! Haha thanks alot!!! πŸ˜€

Mandarin. Worth it?

So I finished 7th grade today (WOOT!) and I’m starting to think about the courses I will take in high school. The high school that I want to get into teaches Mandarin and I’m tempted to choose it. My parents tell me that it is an extremely hard language in which I won’t get very far and only waste my own time, but I’m not entirely sure if I should take it. 1/3? of the world speaks Mandarin which is a good thing, but my parents are telling me that by the time I start working, those same people will speak English. So should I take it?
謝謝您. Google Translate is my friend =). Anyway thank you for clarifying that. I’ll just take French + Spanish instead.

Translation from Mandarin?

Please, could someone translate this for me? θŽ±ζœ¨δΈšζœ‰ι™ε…¬εΈ

I was searching in Google "莱木" because that’s approximately how my Spanish name sounds but the mysterious phrase always kept appearing… I don’t want to make up a Mandarin name that sounds like something related to the real estate business, as it appears to be =S

Question about written Mandarin?

I’m learning Chinese and this is confusing me.
Each Chinese character represents a word.
A new word like Internet is 互联网
According to google translator, each character is its own word (mutual contact network).
So my question is: does written Mandarin just combine already existing words to make new words? Are we supposed to read "mutual contact network" and extrapolate it as Internet?

Hello friends, please help me .
I need a translation in Chinese (mandarin) + pinyin WITHOUT using google translator.

could anyone translate this little text?

My name is Antonio
and I’m at the last year of Faculty of Economics at the University La Sapienza.
I’m 23 years old and I will graduate in october.
After graduation , i would want to take a trip to China.
I would like to visit the north of this great country, to enjoy unique beauties like Great Walls, Summer Palace , Temple of Heaven, and historically important Tian an Men square.
Another city that I want to visit is Xian, the old imperial capital – town, to see the famous 2000 old-year Terracotta Army.
I like going to the theater, and for this reason , I’d like to stay in Beijing at the Qianmen Hotel, also famous for some traditional dishes such as "sweetened focaccia", "a dragon’s beard noodles", and "donkey’s rolls".
Once back in Italy I will start working at a company that deals with security in workplaces,
first as an assistant in the accounting area, then as accountant of the company itself.

many thanks!

How can I learn Mandarin?

I want to learn Mandarin Chinese, I used Google to learn some simplistic sayings and the different tones.

I also ordered a book, is there anything else that is free or very cheap?

(Rosetta stone is way out of my price range)


I need a Mandarin translation that will get the same idea across and sound good enough for use on a brochure. Please provide alternate possibilities if you can and details on the meanings of each character used in the translation. Thanks a bunch!
Please no Google Translations…..

Mandarin measure words?

My Mandarin text book teaches vocabulary without the measure words (unfortunately),

Are any of you native speakers, or serious Mandarin students aware of a data base that gives the measure word for any given corresponing noun?

I treid Google search, but it was useless.

Thank you,


Learn Mandarin !! Best Free Resources.. enjoy.?

I’ve spent hours looking online to learn Mandarin..
So here are some sites and tips to help you..

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any other sources you’re free to add on.

(pinyin table) Beginner

(reading conversation) Intermediate- very Useful

(dictionary/ write Chinese Character)

( audio Conversations) beginner/intermediate

(Quiz your chinese Character/hanzi) All levels

(another Chinese Character Test)

( watch chinese movies FREE)

Use Google translation (very useful)

Use firefox add-ons ( download free Chinese Music MP3)
well Elena, you numb nut!

In case you didn’t know and if your tiny brain can’t grasp it, the country of China consists of 2 languages. You "silly" bitch πŸ™‚

Translation: Mandarin to English please?

I’m studying Mandarin through a site called, and after helping me with an exercise (which I wrote in pinyin), a native speaker of Mandarin responded to my thank-you ("duo xie") with "jiayou xuexi zhongwen yao duo ji yi dian."

I was able to pick parts of it out myself and through Google, but I was unable to translate it in full on my own.
Xie xie, Sammie!

Mandarin People and Culture? Help!?

I searched the Mandarin on google but it keeps talking about the language. I have to know about the people for school. Can anyone help me a need some facts about them but I cant find any. Please help.

One of my co-workers is a new dad and we wanted to print him a huge card to congratulate him and his wife on the occasion. He speaks mandarin (at least he speaks mandarin with our other Chinese co-workers) as well as English, and we wanted to spread our wishes as a group in both languages. We’re doing our best to keep it a surprise, which is why I’ve come to the internet for help–can anyone give me a non-google translate answer? :3

Please translate to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin)?

No Google translations please. Only Native Mandarin speakers. Thanks.

1. What do you study apart from Australian History?
2. Do you want to go to USA in the future?
3. In the future, do you want to work in Australia as a foreign diplomat or work in China as a teacher?
4. How many countries have you been to apart from China and Australia?
5. Could you talk about the future situation regarding studying English in Australia?

English to Mandarin translation – Simple summary?

Can someone help me translate this summary (of my winter break) into Mandarin? (Simplified, NOT traditional?)
It doesn’t have to be very complicated; hard words. I actually perfer very very simple words. I don’t understand manadarin, and I find my teacher to be very unfair, so whatever. If this isn’t too hard for you, i’d appreaciate it.

Summary :

During my 2008 Winter Holiday, I spent most of the time working at McDonalds. It wasn’t really busy, due to the big amounts of snow. We had to help do alot of shovelling. By the end of the week, I almost made 0. Other then working, I spent most of my time with my family, like on Christmas, or on New Years; took a break off work.
Over the Holiday, I had a great time, because I slept in late, no school.

Thanks! Points will be awarded. Please keep the chinese SIMPLIFIED, NOT TRADITIONAL (because I don’t know it πŸ™‚ thanks ! )
BTW! Please don’t copy and paste to google’s translator ! It does direct translations, which isn’t correct

Simple Mandarin Translation?

How do you say, "Sorry for replying so late" or anything in that likeness. I need a native speaker to help me as I don’t trust google translate or other online translators. Thanks in advance!

Easy 10 points. I need to literally write "Family Tree" But can’t find anything on google.

Also, if there is (i’m not sure) and simplified version, that would help (: thanks in advance.