I heard about this show a lot this summer while I was in China, but have not been able to find out the name – does anybody know what it is called? It is Chinese reality TV following a group of foreigners around as they try to learn Mandarin, apparently as a series shown every week or so. Thank you!
To be a little bit clearer – it’s not actually a show that teaches Mandarin. It just follows around some foreigners who are taking classes, while commenting on their progress etc in Chinese for Chinese TV, being some mix of documentary and reality TV.
Thank you so much for the help so far! I’m not sure of the channel – I just had a few Chinese mention the show to me this summer, but they didn’t know the name of it, except for one who wrote it down for me, but stupid me seems to have misplaced the note, so I was hoping somebody here had heard of it! 🙂

What's the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese on your own?

Hi, I am a college student, and I am almost done with my second semester of Mandarin Chinese. I really love it and want to learn more and hopefully become fluent some day.

Unfortunately, I won’t have time any more during college (except maybe summer of 2009) to take Chinese classes. That still leaves at least a year not taking Chinese class.

What is the best way to learn Chinese on your own? Should I buy the textbooks of the classes I can’t take and do them myself? Should I buy a computer program? Books from the bookstore? Should I watch Chinese TV? Listen to Chinese music? All of the above? More?

Haha, let me know! I really want to learn! Thanks in advance!

Iam going to learn Chinese Mandarin for school as a elective. I was wondering if I go to china or Japan or someplace like that I can talk to the locals speaking mandarin? I also wan’t to understand japanese or chinese tv shows and music! So my question is what is the primary language that japanese, korean, chinese , etc? I think from my understanding it is mandarin but Iam not sure.Thanks all
Well no I mean I can get the program from bestbuy or w/e.