Any suggestions on learning a 3rd language, preferably chinese (mandarin dialect)? im already fluent in english and spanish. Any suggestions on were to start? on campus schools,online or tutors… if possible might include my 6 year old to learn.

When my family and I talk in Chinese, we refer to all Hispanics as Mexicans. That’s what I was taught. Is there a word for "Hispanics"?
What word/phrases do you use to refer Hispanic people in Chinese(Mandarin or Cantonese)?

I am taking Chinese 3 in 9th Grade this year and I heard that they mostly speak Chinese (Mandarin) in class. Unfortunately, I grew up speaking Cantonese and I learned Mandarin later so I only know about half of what other people know.

While I was there I saw a lot of signs, advertisements, and television shows in English or at least with English subtitles. How many people there speak English out of the 54 million population? I was under the impression it was all either Bahasa Malay or Chinese Mandarin…


Im learning mandarin, does anybody know if its worth investing my time into ChinesePod ( ?

Also Whats the fastest way of Learning Chinese mandarin (talking only) ?

Do you consider the percentages of people who speak various languages in the world or would you say Spanish because Mexico is our neighbors?

Chinese, Mandarin 13.69%, Hindi 2.82%, English 4.84%, Spanish 5.05%, Bengali 2.68%, Portuguese 2.77%, Russian 2.27%, Japanese 1.99%, German, Standard 1.49%, Chinese, Wu 1.21% (2004)

I know in Japanese their is a lot of forms and conjugations and stuff, but what about chinese(mandarin). Do you need to learn a lot of words and conjugations to speak fluent like in japanese?

Ps. I’m not talking about kanjis just words and rules

How do i write in chinese?

i am currently learning chinese mandarin, and i do not know how to write the language…
i can look at the letter A and know how to start it, but when i look at a chinese character, i dont even know how to start, WHERE do i even start? how am i suppose to know where it starts and ends???

How Many Languages Can You Speak?

I can speak 4 : English (ofcourse), Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish. All fluently. =D.

Should I learn Mandarin or Japanese for Business?

One day I want to go work in one of the Asian countries because I am very interested with thier cultures. So I’ve decided possibly take up international business as my major when I reach College. My father said it’s really between learning Japanese or Chinese Mandarin as my best possible choice. In Japan, Im also intersted in their Fashion and music, but I can’t live off those, unforunately. And I do also like Chinese Culture. Please I really need some help choosing which to take up! ( By the way, I’m not just taking up this language for business, but also for fun and in hopes that I could live in either country one day :). ) So any ideas or thoughts? I’ve looked around the internet, and alot of the answers were split on which would be better :). Thanks!

Mandarin translation please?

I am sure this is Chinese/Mandarin script in the pic
it was from my lid off my drink I had so sorry for the slightly bad quality

Can you tell me what it says in the
white symbol
red flag
white box (near bottom)
bullet points

here is the pic link!!!!
sorry the .htm caused a problem

use this instead

How do I write Mei Zi Tang in Chinese?

How do I write Mei Zi Tang in Chinese (Mandarin). It’s a nutritional supplement intended for weight loss.

I am sending pictures to my 2 daughters’ grandparents in Taiwan with some notes. How do you write "We Miss You" in Chinese Mandarin? I have goggled it but it seems like it always give me the "Wo" which means "I" (I can read just a little basic chinese) I need the chinese characters of "wo men hsiang ni men" for "We miss you". I intend to copy and paste it. Thanks for your help!

Who want to help me to improve my Mandarin by becoming my penfriend? I’m a Malaysian student learning Chinese
( Mandarin ) on a self study basis.
I teach English and if you are interested to learn ( or improve) your English that would be a good exchange!!
Not photos or messenger..only mails.I’ll contact you!


I take Chinese-Mandarin classes every Sunday, but I just think it’s so boring! I know that if it was interesting and fun for me, it would make me more motivated, therefore making it easier for me to learn the material. Do you take Chinese-Mandarin classes and how do you make it more fun and interesting for you?

Thanks! 🙂

I’m a native mandarin speaker and want to improve my spoken english .
if you want to learn Chinese/Mandarin , we can enjoy a good study. I have much free time.
my msn: and skype : bob_wang78

with thanks

from what i hear, hardest is one of these….
korean, german, latin, chinese (mandarin) , english, arabic and hindu

and the easiest language to learn is i hear…
spanish, japanese, french, russian, porteugese

not too sure, im a korean that was born and raised in america, that also happen to speak japanese, so im unaware of the diffuculty of these languages

my core is business and technology. what language can be more useful to me. french or chinese mandarin? thanks guys

Translation into MANDARIN? Thankyou~?

I need to following translated into Chinese(Mandarin) for a story i’m creating.


"Good morning Ehuang, how are you daughter?"

"I’m great mum, I’m going to work today but the weather is nice"

"Eat well and have a nice day"

I studied Korean on a very good, efficient site called "talktomeinkorean" & they even had things such as youtube videos, online teachers who were available to talk with any time, etc.

I’m wondering if they have a site similar to this, that is very efficient & teaches Chinese (Mandarin) very well.

I can’t take classes around where I live because they do not provide any.

I’m learning a language on a software program. It’s Chinese Mandarin. I’m confused with some of the things they say, and I really want some good advice and help. what should I do?

What language is the Hana Kimi OST in?

I confused on what language the songs in the Hana Kimi OST are and I’m talking about the Taiwanese version of the show. I know that the bands S.H.E., Tank, and Fahrenheit are Taiwanese but I’ve heard they are singing in Chinese/Mandarin.

Anyone know?

This is for a medical Chinese (Mandarin) class. I don’t get the r. None of the ways I have seen it explained make sense to me! The explanations that I’ve read seem to contradict each other. My professor is Chinese so she isn’t much help. I need an English speaker, preferably American or Canadian, to let me in on a good secret to getting this pronunciation right. Thank you!


I’m a first year University student studying Chinese Mandarin. I am still at a very basic level, but am interested in writing in Chinese (simplified) with a native Chinese speaker. I can help you learn/improve your English and we can teach each other.

I would prefer to use MSN to talk to each other.
If your interested just reply with your MSN/Yahoo name and I can add you on MSN.

Thank you very much,


I am going to start learning Chinese (Mandarin) and am wondering which is spoken by more people.

any links to the proof?

Hello friends, please help me .
I need a translation in Chinese (mandarin) + pinyin WITHOUT using google translator.

could anyone translate this little text?

My name is Antonio
and I’m at the last year of Faculty of Economics at the University La Sapienza.
I’m 23 years old and I will graduate in october.
After graduation , i would want to take a trip to China.
I would like to visit the north of this great country, to enjoy unique beauties like Great Walls, Summer Palace , Temple of Heaven, and historically important Tian an Men square.
Another city that I want to visit is Xian, the old imperial capital – town, to see the famous 2000 old-year Terracotta Army.
I like going to the theater, and for this reason , I’d like to stay in Beijing at the Qianmen Hotel, also famous for some traditional dishes such as "sweetened focaccia", "a dragon’s beard noodles", and "donkey’s rolls".
Once back in Italy I will start working at a company that deals with security in workplaces,
first as an assistant in the accounting area, then as accountant of the company itself.

many thanks!

Is it hard to learn Mandarin? (DETAILS INCLUDED)?

I’ve been learning Japanese for 10 years and I’m quite good at it. My question is: I also want to learn Chinese (Mandarin). Do you think that would be very hard, considering they use the same alphabet, but you just say it differently out aloud. Or do you think knowing Japanese beforehand would make it easier?
Just to clarify… I know that Japanese and Mandarin share only the alphabet. I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m asking if knowledge of Kanji (Japanese alphabet) helps when learning Chinese to make writing easier. I am aware both languages are spoken differently.
More details: I’m already starting to learn Korean. I want to be an interpreter.

I’m writing in chinese mandarin but i make it to big or too wide so i need to use the squares they use in their writing…where can i find them.

Hello, I am currently taking a course in beginner’s Chinese (mandarin) and I was wondering from where in their mouth Chinese people speak. For instance, English is spoken from the most part in the throat, so where would one speak from to make Chinese pronunciation more accurate.

你好! 我会说一嗲普通话。.. yeah I can speak a little mandarin but I think it won’t be efficient if I’m going to learn it on my own. Can you help me learn Chinese (Mandarin)? I can help you learn English, I am a fluent speaker of that language. 😀 Don’t worry things won’t start from scratch, I do understand mandarin by grasping, but not totally. If anybody is willing, please contact me 😀 Thanks a lot.. Xie xie ni.

what other laguage is most american speak?

i am sorry for my speaking poor english but i am also speaking good spanish, german and chinese (mandarin). becoose my speaking english is not strong what is other language most american understand?

im English educated chinese guy and i dont know how to read or write but i know how to speak mandarin. what i afraid is that chinese language will be the international language soon as china is getting greater and better. i already feel upset that i dont know chinese and i heard from a friend said that chinese is getting popular so she gonna let his children to learn chinese in the future.

and i know some of u will say that i can still learn mandarin and etc but i dont have such time and such money to learn. it costs almost 0 per month to learn to write and read mandarin.
so, is it true? chinese/mandarin language will become the international language soon?

I graduated with a Degree in Communications and minor in Chinese (mandarin). I currently work in PR where I don’t get to use chinese at all and I am losing my ability fast.
What can I do?? I probably should have chosen a business major or something like that but it’s too late now.
Everybody talks about such a need for chinese but what about intermediate level? Are there jobs that can help me develop my chinese so that I can be useful. Jobs in China? US? I would really like a job where I could use chinese. I’ve worked so hard and it seems like such a waste to just let all my learning go.
Oh and please don’t say teaching English. Been there, done that. I’m looking for a career. It was fun and all, but I didn’t use Chinese and I am definitely not interested in teaching English anymore.
Clarification: I actually did learn and develop a lot of my Chinese while teaching English. But I didn’t use chinese in the job which is my point. And teaching English is not what I want to do.

How do you say "empower the future" in Chinese Mandarin?

I know I am becoming a pain in your ass but I have another question on translating " empower the future" in Chinese Mandarin.

Please write your answers as this example: Nî hăo (nee how)

Many thanks

Simple Mandarin movies, to learn Mandarin?

I am learning Mandarin, and I am almost finished with my Book-CD set:

I would like to watch a Mandarin movie that will allow me to learn more Mandarin from the dialog. I want to select a Mandarin movie with a very SIMPLE dialog that is easy to understand.
Do you think the the movie "Together" (link below) is simple enough? I looks like a simple and beautiful movie:

What simple movies (preferably for Chinese children) do you recomend for an American to learn Mandarin?

I included the first link to give you an idea of how much Mandarin I already know.

**Mandarin speakers, it has always been a joy to hear from you, thank you for sharing your heritage with me.

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