I don’t think I’ll be able to get into my Chinese class at school, so I need a program (for at home) that’ll help me learn Mandarin. It doesn’t have to be quick, but I just need it to be free. I’ve been learning a little from articles, and the language is interesting. Just wish I could learn more!

Chinese (Mandarin) sentence structure?

I am currently writing a speech for my Chinese class. I am trying to say, "I must also take the bus every day." I am having trouble with the word order.

This is what I have right now: "Wǒ yě děi měitiān dōu zuò gōnggòngqìchē." But I know that ye, dei, meitian, and dou are probably in the wrong order right now.

By the way, the sentence that precedes this one is talking about how I have to cook my own food. The "also" is not referring to the every day part, it’s referring to how I have to do everything by myself in this certain situation.

Can anyone help me? It’s due really soon so any prompt responses from fluent speakers that are also accurate would be wonderful! Thanks!

I can communicate in Mandarin well, looking to expand my vocabulary and learn how to read and write at a higher level. I am currently taking a beginner Chinese course at my college. It’s quite frustrating since they are just learning about pronunciation and a bunch of basic stuff that I already know. I tried to take Chinese II last semester, but there was a lot of pin yin rules that I didn’t know in Chinese II.

Should I just stay in Chinese 1 and wait to improve to move on to Chinese 2? Or should I seek a Chinese class outside my university that targets native speakers who are just looking to improve? Do those classes even exist?

What's the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese on your own?

Hi, I am a college student, and I am almost done with my second semester of Mandarin Chinese. I really love it and want to learn more and hopefully become fluent some day.

Unfortunately, I won’t have time any more during college (except maybe summer of 2009) to take Chinese classes. That still leaves at least a year not taking Chinese class.

What is the best way to learn Chinese on your own? Should I buy the textbooks of the classes I can’t take and do them myself? Should I buy a computer program? Books from the bookstore? Should I watch Chinese TV? Listen to Chinese music? All of the above? More?

Haha, let me know! I really want to learn! Thanks in advance!

How to translate English to traditional mandarin?

I have Chinese class. I need to write a story in traditional mandarin. I need help on where can you translate. Website. Need Help!!!

Please response if you had used any version of any language.

I heard it is all phrases and vocab. Is this true or is this like a virtual Chinese class?


Chinese (Mandarin) sentence translation?

Hi, I’m in a Chinese class and I’m wondering what "一下" means in the following sentence:


I understand the rest of the sentence. Heads up: The context of the lesson this sentence is found in is that there is a journalist interviewing soccer players about their game (Foreign Students’ Soccer Team vs. Chinese College Students’ Soccer Team).

Thanks for the help!

Help with Chinese translation (Mandarin)?

I have to compose a short story for my Chinese class. If anyone could help correct any errors in my writing for this portion of the story, I would appreciate it! And sorry about the pinyin, I don’t know how to do characters on a computer ._.;;

Shang ge zhoumo wo hui jia le.
(Last weekend I returned home.)

Wo er shi xiaojie kai de dao.
(I can drive home in 20 minutes)

Wo de gongyu li wo jia bu yuan.
(My apartment from my home is not far)

Zai jia wo xian chi le zao wu fan, zai wo zou le wo de gong ke.
(At home first I ate brunch, then I did my homework.)

Wo mei ge zhou mo dou you gongke de dou.
(Every weekend I have a lot of homework)

Qi dian wo didi gen wo yiqi qu le dianyingyuan.
(At 7 o’clock my younger brother and I together went to the movie theater.)

i am trying to learn Mandarin Chinese?

I am taking a mandarin chinese class online and there are boxes where the symbols schould be what is that supposed to mean?!

I am going to take a Mandarin Chinese class this fall and decided to get a little bit of background knowledge before. I am a tad confused right now though because i am looking at pronunciation for letters and such and do not understand what being "unaspirated" means.

For example: b like p in spin (unaspirated)

How much Mandarin will I learn?

I am planning to set aside a year to a year and half to study Mandarin in Mainland China OR Taiwan. I have taken a Chinese class before but I had to drop it for a VERY good reason. So here’s the thing… I am a fast learner when it comes to characters and writing them so it’s not a problem. As for the tones, I pretty much have a good idea on how they work though my listening can be so much better. HOW MUCH Mandarin will I learn in a year and a half — provided I focus on learning the language the whole time??? I plan to take classes that spend at least 5 hours a day/ 5 times a week… can I master the language – in the conversation level in that short a time ?

ANY other thoughts, ideas, or additional info you think I should know?

Rock bands that play in the language Mandarin Chinese?

I’m doing a report for myMandarin Chinese class. The thing is, i love J-Pop and J-rock, but don’t know a single Chinese rock band ( if there really no similiarities between the two, i apologize. I’m an idiot 🙂 Give me some awesome rock bands from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or any place in China. Thank you