and English? The original Mandarin soundings are retained, whilst the accents / tones are deleted ( because English does not have accents / tones ) and the writing is changed from Chinese characters to Roman letters ( used by English ). Pretty awesome huh? Agree?

are there any cantonese pronunciation tools online?

does anyone know where i can find an online tool that can translate chinese characters and have it pronounce in cantonese rather than mandarin? paid websites are helpful if anyone knows either..thanks

I can’t really read the chinese characters in the online articles that talk about him (they’re all in traditional Mandarin). I was wondering if someone can talk about him in fluent English.

Help I want to Learn mandarin(Chinese)?

Hello,I want to learn my 8 language,but whenever I look at English to Chinese translators they give me the Chinese characters. I mean if I wright hello it spells it out in Chinese letters. Instead of saying ni how. I need a website that could give me the English to Chinese pronocation. Instead of characters. Any websites?thank u

I want to learn Mandarin Chinese but I need to learn the characters, however, I don’t want to learn the wrong characters if I buy a book on Chinese simplified and traditional characters. Do I have to specify Mandarin Chinese when buying a book on the characters or are they the same as regular Chinese characters.

How do you say Saturday in Mandarin (Chinese)?

i’m not asking for the chinese characters 星期六. I’m asking for the pronunciation.

Studying Mandarin/Chinese in China?

I’m interested to take up a Chinese language course in Guilin, China. I have checked chinese-tools.com and I think the 3-month short term course suits me!

However, I am not sure if the website is reliable enough as I would normally register to study a course from the university itself. So, has anyone used this website to enroll and completed studying in China?

Secondly, I am not sure what level I am in. I am basically chinese illiterate. I can’t read and write chinese characters except for my own name, numbers 1 – 99, and some very very simple sentances and words. However, I can speak Mandarin quite fluently and accurately. The website does not indicate the subjects to be covered. So I am afraid that if I choose the most basic course, I will end up learning to speak mandarin, which I already know; and if I choose the intermediate course, I will not be able to read what the teacher is writing!

What do you think I should do?

I am Chinese myself. But I never learned how to read & write Chinese because I never went to Chinese school (I live in an English speaking country). I speak rudimentary Cantonese (but my parents also speak fluent Hakkanese and a bit of Mandarin).

I’d like to learn how to at least read and write Chinese.. since it’d be something useful.

So are Chinese characters the same regardless of whether you speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakkanese, etc?

This is for a work of fiction; I want to get my details correct. I understand Cantonese and Mandarin are the two languages, Mandarin being the newer one. Could a Chinese character be one of these, perhaps Cantonese? Or is there another terminology that describes Chinese characters, and the word Cantonese just describes pronunciation? Thanks for any help.

How do you say in Mandarin…?

My sister is getting a gift for her fiancé (who is from China) and she wants to engrave a message on it in Chinese characters.

How do you say "Forever Yours" in Mandarin?

1) Pinyin

2) Chinese characters (not traditional, I think)

3) Pronunciation


Xiexie for your help! 😀

Sometimes when I close Microsoft programs, such as Outlook or Word, I get an error message that is written entirely in Chinese characters. I do not speak Mandarin or Cantonese, or use Chinese characters. Is this a software glitch, or should I be concerned about spyware or viruses? Thank you very much!

I am sending pictures to my 2 daughters’ grandparents in Taiwan with some notes. How do you write "We Miss You" in Chinese Mandarin? I have goggled it but it seems like it always give me the "Wo" which means "I" (I can read just a little basic chinese) I need the chinese characters of "wo men hsiang ni men" for "We miss you". I intend to copy and paste it. Thanks for your help!

Hi my name’s Sally and I’m teaching my classmates Simplified Mandarin Chinese. They want to learn how to write mountain, water, grass, and fish in Chinese. May I please have the pinyin and the Chinese characters for mountain, water, grass, and fish? (The Chinese characters must be in Simplified Mandarin)
I would also like some questions for my classmates to answer. Example: What is the Chinese character for fish?
Please give me at least 7 interesting and not TOO difficult questions for my classmates to answer.

Thanks a lot! =)

How to say in Mandarin?

I know there are a lot of bilingual people fluent in both Mandarin and English so this shouldn’t be a problem. Oh, and I would like it if you could write the Chinese characters too. I’m Asian and can read it well, I’m just not Chinese. Also, please indicate the 4 tones in the standard numbering at the end of every syllable. Thank you.

1. I cannot speak Chinese.
(or ‘I cannot speak Mandarin’, if that is more appropriate)

2. I am Korean.
(I don’t know what Chinese people call Koreans but we call ourselves 韓國人 so can you use that? If there is an alternative name, please include in parenthesis?)

ive heard the kanji were chinese characters, so does that mean they are also used in mandarin? or other asian languages?

Mandarin – English Translation?


I am stuck with a Mandarin assignment for uni. Could someone please help me with the following:

1- What does "Ta(1) zai(4) Xi(1)ni(2) bu xue(2) gong(4) zuo(4)" mean ?

2- How do you say the following in Mandarin
– "are you interested in learning Chinese characters ?"
– "Do you have time on the weekend to learn Mandarin" ?
– " How is your spoken Chinese" ?

Any help would be great. If you could please include tone marks in your answer it would be AMAZING !

– David

I don’t know the name of the song. He sings in Mandarin, and speaks in Cantonese. Please help! Pinyin, Chinese characters, or English translation are all fine.

Mandarin chinese translation?

1)Be quiet!
2)Shut up!
3)I don’t understand.
4)I don’t understand what you’re saying.
5) You’re a lie
6) You’re lieing
7) What a Lie
8) Lie

Please translate these for me in pinyin(with the tones) and in the chinese characters. i will give 10 points and 3 hearts <3<3<3

/:D? but in all seriouse, thanks in advanced.
thanks mudkips, but i didn’t want japanese.

How do you say and write 'it's ok' in Mandarin?

i’m meeting with a chinese friend and he had to change the time of our meeting, so he said he’s sorry and i wanted to say ‘it’s okay’ or ‘no problem’ (please give me the answers in chinese characters and pinyin ^_^)

I am using Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese (Mandarin). I am trying to learn characters and PinYin. I have the QuanPin input method for Chinese characters on my computer. I don’t seem to be able to write in Chinese characters on Rosetta Stone. Does Rosetta Stone not allow this, or am I doing something wrong?

English – Chinese mandarin translation please?

"How far away is that from here?"

"Can you tell me where ___ is?"

thank you so much!
please don’t use translators. this is very important.
You can use chinese characters since i can read it.

thank you so so so so SO much!

Chinese Mandarin Characters writing and reading?

does anyone know of a good program or book that can teach me how to read and write Mandarin Chinese characters? And one that can teach me the same for Korean.

I have a problem with remembering Chinese characters.

I’m taking Mandarin in college for one year and I was wondering if you learn a lot of chinese characters. Do you learn a lot at the beginning and then a few when it gets more advanced or is it the oppostie way around?

Anyone who can speak Mandarin?

How could I say, "I am Buddhist, I cannot eat meat, fish, poultry, seafood" in Mandarin? I’ve heard just plainly saying that you are vegetarian does not get the message accross in China, so please help me. Also if you can put it in Pinyin & Chinese characters that would be helpful. Thanks a lot.

I can already speak Mandarin Chinese, although it’s not perfect. I’m mainly concerned with learning how to write the Chinese characters. Any book I can buy from Barnes and noble or something?

Hi! I’m in a bit of a pickle,condom broke and I now have to find emergency contraception in Beijing. Went to the pharmacy, but they didn’t speak a word of english, so can someone write "emergency contraception" in chinese? Or the name of a chinese brand, in chinese characters. I’ve heard of "An Ting" and Fang Xin.

Any help would be appreciated:)

How can I write my name, Amjad, in Chinese characters?

My Name has 2 syllables, "Am-" which sounds like the first 2 letters from "Um-brella" . And Jad, the A sounds like the A in "Bad".

Thanks in advance!

Can somebody please show me and tell me how to write the name "Kora" in mandarin chinese characters?

Thank you!
Can it be larger please? ^^ Maybe a picture of the characters, because I would like to write it.

how do you write my name in mandarin?

my name is:


how do you write this with chinese characters?

I know the characters and pinyin but I have difficulties making my Chinese friends understood… it’s really embarrasing. Pronunciation is a much bigger problem for me than Chinese characters. I need some guidance to the standard Mandarin pronunciation… who can help me out?

I’m making a website with options for Mandarin and Cantonese translations. What are the Chinese characters for "Chinese" ( in Mandarin) and "Chinese" (in Cantonese )

One sentence Mandarin translation needed PLEASE?

I need to know how to write ‘The coat is repaired" in Chinese characters. The person speaks Mandarin.
Many thanks!

i m learning mandarin right now and i want to know whether people in China write in pinyin or actual mandarin chinese characters?