Help with some Mandarin words?

I’m having some trouble with the pronunciation of some Mandarin words.
These are:
1) Qin, Qi, and Qing. Being a Cantonese speaker, I always thought that the "q’s" were pronounced like the "q’s" in Cantonese (which has no equivalent in English). For instance like 請 when pronounced in Cantonese. But, people always say that instead of like "q" in Cantonese, it’s like "ch" in English. I simply had a hard time believing that it would be as easy as just "ch" in English, but sometimes when I hear it, it really sounds closer to "ch" than "q" in Cantonese. Is it really just "chin" "chi" and "ching" EXACTLY, or something like it but slightly different? It seems like "Cong" has the "q" sound I’m looking for more than "Qing." Or is it that in some tones, the qin/qing/qi is pronounced exactly like the "ch" in English, in some tones, slightly different, and in some more like "q" in Cantonese?
2) Guan. I use a lot. The way they pronounce it on there makes it sound like "Gwun" not something like "gwaan" or "gwon." I just want confirmation that it’s "gwun."
3) Zhang. So when a Chinese word is written in pinyin with "zh" it’s actually usu. pronounced with a absolute "j" not a "zh" like the beginning of 真 in Cantonese? Words that begin with "zh" confuse me a lot because when I hear it, it seems like the "zh" is a downright "j" sound.
4) Shan. I know in English they just say "shan" outright, but in Mandarin, it’s rarely the same. Is it really just "shan" or is it "shaan" (rhyming with 山 in Cantonese [saan] or Ban in Mandarin) or "shun" or what?
Also (5) Jing. As in Beijing or Nanjing. Is it just "jing" or is it more like "zhing" like 靜 (quiet/calm) in Cantonese? I’m sorry that I compare the sounds to Cantonese so much, but I don’t know how to represent the sounds I’m talking about in any other way.
Yeah, Beijing in Cantonese is "buht ging." I started wondering over it because in the Mandarin news sometimes I thought I heard a mix of "j" and "zh" in the "jing" sound. I actually still kinda hear it too in the link that the first person gave me, but only in the top tone not the other tones. Maybe it’s just because I’m inexperienced in Mandarin so I keep on hearing the wrong things.

I’m still hearing a closer to "j" sounds than "z" in the "zh" row. Actually, zh is what I keep on calling for the sounds of the "z" row. Maybe that’s my mistake, and maybe there’s no "zh" sound in Cantonese? I’ll have to think about that.

But thanks for the help so far guys! x]
Nevermind, I realized what I was hearing wrong for the jing in the top tone. So that’s settled lol.

I want to learn Mandarin. Help?

Hi, well I am half Chinese. My mom is from Hong Kong and so I never have been exposed to the Mandarin language. I only have some knowledge of Cantonese, but I cannot speak it, I only understand it and that’s it.

I want to learn Mandarin, but what is some way to learn it? Also when people say they teach Mandarin, or some software that teaches Mandarin – do they just teach Standard Mandarin spoken in Beijing? Is there much difference between Beijing Mandarin and Shanghai Mandarin? Is it true that the Standard Mandarin that is spoken in Beijing is taking over in other regions and so the other dialects of Mandarin that are spoken in places like Suzhou, Shenzhen, etc. are not being spoken that much anymore by the young people living there?

How difficult is Mandarin to learn when comparing it to Indo-European languages such as French or English? And also what do you think is the most difficult thing about learning Mandarin? Are there any complicated things about how the language is structured?
Oh and also, how similar are Cantonese and Mandarin? Seeing as I can understand Cantonese, could that mean I would be able to understand a bit of Mandarin? Would it make it easier to learn the language?

Who tend to be wealthier: Cantonese or Mandarin?

Cantonese regions of China: Guangdong, HK, Macau, some areas in Guangxi. Many established overseas Chinese businesspeople are also Canto.

Mandarin: Anywhere else in Mainland China (Shanghai, Beijing, etc.). Many new Mandarin speaking people are starting their own businesses,

So if you take living conditions, etc. of these places and income and average them, who tend to be wealthier: Cantonese or Mandarin?

I met a boy from beijing on omegle but we got disconnected. he’s from a city outside of beijing. we were having fun talking to you. We got disconnect accidentally. Its was fun talking in mandarin with you so thanks for the practice. I was going say that 小S 大S were indeed beautiful.

If you ever see this, you should know its me and that you should inbox me so we can keep in touch. 淼 谢谢你, 我祝愿你今后身体健康

What Mandarin accent(s) are these?

Earlier today I was on YouTube searching for videos where they speak Mandarin slowly and clearly (without any English translation because I wanted to focus just on how things are being pronounced) and I came across what look like Christian-related videos in Mandarin Chinese.

Now, I don’t need any translation. You don’t even have to listen to the whole thing, as long as you can tell me where the accents come from. I understand that within Mandarin there are different accents: Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou/Hong Kong, Taipei, Hainan, etc.

Please tell me which region(s) of China these accents come from.
Thank you!

1) Male Narrator (8 min. 35 sec.)

2) Female Narrator (9 min. 11 sec.)

I can and did read the titles myself, thank you very much. But I wanted answers from native speakers.

Chinese word pronunciation help?

I’m a beginning student of Mandarin Chinese and am running into a disagreement with a friend over proper pronunciation. I always thought the word hen3 很 rhymes with the English word "fun," with the e pronounced like a deep "uh" in the throat. However my buddy thinks it sounds like the English word "hen." What is the correct way? I’m mainly interested in how it would be properly said in Beijing. Thanks in advance.

A friend and I (2 females) are looking for a nice, safe place to live this summer in Beijing. We both speak Mandarin, but have never lived in China before and would like suggestions for either specific buildings or general areas. AC is a must. I will be working in Tower 2 of the Bright China Chang An Building, 7 Jianguomen Ave. I think this is close to Tiananmen. Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

My old buddy used to live in Beijing for around 8 years, he could speak Mandarin pretty well, and knows the basic characters, about 100 or 200. This summer, he is planning to go back to China to visit, and he wants to know how to read the 3000 most common characters, so he could read and get around. Is it possible to learn all of that in a few months?

Mandarin Chinese questions.?

I have a few questions about Mandarin; try to answer as many as you can… Thanks!

Ok, whenever I speak to my friend in Mandarin, he pronounces the "zh" sound like a regular "z" and the "sh" found like an "s" sound. Is this correct? He is a native speaker so I assume it is right.

Also, whenever we talk in Mandarin, he has to speak slowly in order for me to understand him, how can I improve my listening skills when I listen to a native speaker speak at his normal rate?

One more…. Is there a website or book with audio that can help my pronunciation when speaking Mandarin?

He is from beijing.

Mandarin Chinese questions.?

I have a few questions about Mandarin; try to answer as many as you can… Thanks! Ok, whenever I speak to my friend in Mandarin, he pronounces the "zh" sound like a regular "z" and the "sh" found like an "s" sound. Is this correct? He is a native speaker so I assume it is right.

Also, whenever we talk in Mandarin, he has to speak slowly in order for me to understand him, how can I improve my listening skills when I listen to a native speaker speak at his normal rate?

One more…. Is there a website or book with audio that can help my pronunciation when speaking Mandarin?

My friend is from Beijing.

I and my friend (girls) are going to Beijing and Shanghai in March. We will spend a 3+ days there. We can not speak mandarin at all. Will a lonely planet work ? if not, which one you recommend ? and if you have other travelling tips to Beijing pls also advise us ?

I am going to visit China next year with my HS for two weeks. I believe we are going to Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, the Great Wall, and some rural locales. Should I study Mandarin or Cantonese? And how similar are the two languages? If I knew Mandarin and heard somebody speak Cantonese would I be able to understand them, would they be able to understand me?

And What software do you recomend to learn the language?
As for the software, I’m a student, I don’t want to spend much but I want something effective. I’m thinking eBay…

Mandarin translation, Please?

I want to translate the phrase:

"I love Beijing"

Is it:

"Wor ai Beijing"

Thank you (xie xie nin)

[For technical reasons I cannot ask Yahoo answers china]

going to beijing and i need it written down for the taxi driver.
thank you so much

Mandarin translation?

I want to translate the phrase:

"I love Beijing"

Is it:

"Wor ai Beijing"

Thank you (xie xie nin)

[For technical reasons I cannot ask Yahoo answers china]

How do people studying abroad in Beijing get around?

I’m planning to study abroad in Beijing this summer but I don’t speak Mandarin so I’m a little scared. Do they at least know English at the airport? How do foreigners find their way around?

Hello friends, please help me .
I need a translation in Chinese (mandarin) + pinyin WITHOUT using google translator.

could anyone translate this little text?

My name is Antonio
and I’m at the last year of Faculty of Economics at the University La Sapienza.
I’m 23 years old and I will graduate in october.
After graduation , i would want to take a trip to China.
I would like to visit the north of this great country, to enjoy unique beauties like Great Walls, Summer Palace , Temple of Heaven, and historically important Tian an Men square.
Another city that I want to visit is Xian, the old imperial capital – town, to see the famous 2000 old-year Terracotta Army.
I like going to the theater, and for this reason , I’d like to stay in Beijing at the Qianmen Hotel, also famous for some traditional dishes such as "sweetened focaccia", "a dragon’s beard noodles", and "donkey’s rolls".
Once back in Italy I will start working at a company that deals with security in workplaces,
first as an assistant in the accounting area, then as accountant of the company itself.

many thanks!

What's a good way to learn Mandarin?

I’ll be going on a study-abroad summer program in Nanjing, China and I would like to know a little Mandarin when I get there. We’ll be learning during the program but i don’t want to sound like an idiot. My high school doesn’t offer Mandarin as a language. All I know is how to say hi, thank-you, and I can sing the Welcome to Beijing song from the Olympics. 🙂 So any suggestions on a good way to learn a little pinyin etc.? Like good websites or something, Thanks.
Umm…I can’t choose, so I’ll let it go to a vote. Thanks for all the answers. 🙂

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What’s the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese? I’ll be going to Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an.
Just a few phrases and some numbers . . . nothing big.

learn mandarin in china?

Hi, have any of you been to China to learn Chinese??? I’m planning to go to China this summer to learn Mandarin (10 weeks)… But I have no idea about the country and stuff. I only speak little Chinese = ). I think I would go to Beijing bcos they speak pure Mandarin there. Which university should I go to? And any idea about the accomodation? I prefer to stay in a student dormitory, but apartments (preferably the cheap ones) will do…please give suggestions and (if possible) the rates.
And what kind of class do they offer?? Do the teachers there speak English? What about the classmates -local or international students- ?

yeah, a lot of
Any advice/suggestion would be very appreciated. Thanks!
FYI, I’m an indonesian but in Singapore right now..17 years old.

I am using Levels 1-3 now in preparation for travelling to Beijing and Shanghai. I have read some negative reviews of the pronunciation used and the correction method through the headset, and want to be sure I’m not making a big mistake by relying on it. Of course, I’m also watching news programs, etc. in Mandarin, but I can’t listen closely enough at the normal speed to pick up the actual enunciation of words.

best school to learn mandarin in beijing?

Hi, I’m planning on going to Beijing to learn Mandarin; but there are just so many options of schools out there. Does anyone have any suggestion?
Thanks a lot beforehand!

How well can I learn Mandarin in one year?

I want to be able to speak Mandarin well enough to be able to trade with small (small in China) Chinese firms. Can I accomplish this in one year of intensive study in Beijing? I have a gift for languages, my mother tongue is a Slavic language and I speak and write English, German, French and Spanish perfectly.

which forum can I find firends speak English?

I am a Chinese girl in Beijing, I want to find some friends who speak English.I can teach you mandarin or just talk something interesting in English.
We can make friends.If you come to China ,maybe I can be your guide.
I like travelling, reading,movie……

specially Beijing olympiade song

What type do they speak in Beijing?

I’m going to Beijing in a few years for a trip and would like to know a little Chinese. But I don’t know what type they speak. Mandarin or simplified or something. But I kinda would like to know what one they speak in Beijing.

Quick Chinese (Mandarin) translation please?

Can someone please translate the following for me? A friend in Beijing asked me this as part of a little contest we’re having between us. Thanks 🙂


I don’t mean just any kind of Chinese, the Beijing standard Mandarin. Would anyone happen to know? Thanks!

Hi! I’m in a bit of a pickle,condom broke and I now have to find emergency contraception in Beijing. Went to the pharmacy, but they didn’t speak a word of english, so can someone write "emergency contraception" in chinese? Or the name of a chinese brand, in chinese characters. I’ve heard of "An Ting" and Fang Xin.

Any help would be appreciated:)

i heard that the mandarin in beijing is a bit different from the ones people speak in taiwan. not by a lot but 90% of the people would understand it

Mandarin Chinese pronunciation (pinyin)?

Hi, I have a number of questions about Mandarin pinyin pronunciation:

1. How do you know when "i" in pinyin should be pronounced "uh" or "ee" or "er" as in the English word "fur" (examples of usage in chi and shi)? I’ve heard it as all these ways and am very confused as to which is correct, keeping in mind I am aiming for the Beijing accent.

2. In the pinyin "e", how does one know if it is to be pronounced as the English sound "uh" or "eh"? I have heard "ye" as both "yeh" and "yuh".

3. Does it really make a huge difference if you give your "ch" and "zh" different forces of air, like I know some of the sounds have more air than others, like "p" and "b"…?

4. Which region’s/city’s accent is the most understood throughout the PRC?

5. "Eng"- pronounced like "ung" or "ang" in the english word "hang"? How do I know which is right? Like for example, cheng2 chi2

I know that if I heard the word before I should know how to spell it in pinyin the problem is I’m hearing so many different ways to say things! Please help! Xie Xie!!
So are there exceptions to the pinyin "e"? Such as in "de" in "wo de"? Isn’t that pronounced "duh"?

Thanks for the info on pronunciation variations though…I’m sure it’s similar to Spanish, with Castilians having a lisp and the Argentines with their pronunciation of "ll".

I’m an ABC, but Mandarin is my fourth language. My parents are Cantonese,so I know they have an accent too. So if they tried to teach me proper Chinese, it would be like an Italian guy trying to teach an Indian guy how to speak proper English. (I imagine the results won’t be spectacular).

So is there anyone whose family is from Beijing, or otherwise knows that he or she speaks perfect Mandarin, who would like to help me with my accent on Skype?

I am asking people who live in Hong Kong or take classes there if people on the street, in stores, or restaurants speak Mandarin.I know Cantonese is the official language I am simply asking that if I learn Mandarin in Hong Kong will I be able to use it outside the classroom?

If not I might go to polluted Beijing.

What’s the best school in Beijing to learn Mandarin?

I plan on studying in Beijing for a year and want to become as fluent as I can. So I’m looking for a good, reputable school that can offer quality intensive programs and that is really focused on teaching the students the language. There are a lot of schools that teach Mandarin, such as Beijing (Peking University) and BLCU, but which of these or any other schools is the best?

Thanks for your help!

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