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need to double check my mandarin translation?

Hi, I am looking to find a translation of the term "Religious extremist" to Mandarin, and I am a bit reluctant to trust an online translator.
宗教极端主义 – This is what the online translator gave me when I asked for "religious extremist" to be translated.

I also liked this: 政教合一 which the translator says means "union of religious and political rule / theocracy / Caesaropapism"

If anyone could confirm these translations (or offer alternatives if they are found wanting), I would be greatly appreciative

Question says it all. I use Pinyin b/c it is now a standardized spelling, even in Taiwan, but I’ve heard others say that the older Wade-Giles version is actually closer to Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Is that true?

Mandarin Help? translation easy?

i just want to know if im suppose to pronounce "儿"
or is it just there to make up the word Nar 哪儿

-你到哪儿去阿/ni dao nar qu a?

is the "儿" suppose to be in there and not pronounced?
or is it suppose to be written like this:

it’s off this book im reading. 10 points best answer

Help with a short translation to Mandarin, please?

How would you write down the following line, please? No software translations, I can do that myself and I simply don’t trust them (does anybody?)

"You are the most beautiful flower of the East.
Thank you for cheering me up with your smile every day."

Thank you!

Considering the facts that I am a white girl with no Asian relations, grew up in a 99.9% white community, and speak English as a first language, is it possible for me to become fluent in Korean and Mandarin? I’m pretty smart (I get A’s in every subject), but I wonder if being smart is enough to learn Korean or Mandarin and speak and write them well.
What would be the best method to learn Korean? Like are there certain books or maybe Rosetta Stone?

It’s a rough translation, and all I really need to know is if something in it is very wrong.

Here’s the English:
The most important thing learning Chinese does for me is it opens up a new world to me. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, and when I learn to speak it I am able to talk to over a billion people that I couldn’t talk to before. It gives me a cultural understanding that most Americans don’t have.
It also opens up a world of literature, art, and culture. There are so many good Chinese books, movies, and works of art, and Chinese culture has had thousands of years to develop. Learning another language is something everybody should do.

And my translation:
学中文最重要的是因为我想对这个世界进行更多的了解。 中文是世界的最大的语言,和我会说中文以后我会根十亿个人说话。 我会说中文的时候,我比很多美国人懂中国的文化。
我说中文以后,我还会看中文的文学,文科,和文化。有这么多好极乐的中文电影,书 , 和艺术,和中国的文化千年发展过。 我觉得,都人应当学别的语言。

Thank you!

This is the song.

thanks for being the greatest friend i ever have. 😀 please. thanks.

The business is translating english, spanish, and mandarin but he can not think of a name at all. It needs to be clever and witty.

I know that the main difference is pronunciation, but are the written forms the same? Are the sentences structured the same way?

Software to write in Mandarin?

I’m going to be taking a GCSE in Mandarin and would like to be able to type up my essays etc. on the computer.
I’ve been to China and know that they have software that allows them to type in the pinyin using the keyboard and then select the appropriate character. Does anyone know where I could get a copy of this? I’m willing to pay, but obviously, the cheaper the better.

Thanks for any help 🙂

My old mandarin book has the translation in it but I lost it.
It’s for an assignment
thanks everyone!!

Can any Chinese speakers write "I wish I shared the same confidence as you" in Mandarin Chinese? And please, no Google translate. 🙂

Thanks In advance.

Any suggestions on learning a 3rd language, preferably chinese (mandarin dialect)? im already fluent in english and spanish. Any suggestions on were to start? on campus schools,online or tutors… if possible might include my 6 year old to learn.


and English? The original Mandarin soundings are retained, whilst the accents / tones are deleted ( because English does not have accents / tones ) and the writing is changed from Chinese characters to Roman letters ( used by English ). Pretty awesome huh? Agree?

I would prefer a film considered a classic or at least a box office hit in China. Please don’t suggest Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It’s a great movie, but Chow and Yeoh are not native speakers.

Korean name translate into Mandarin Chinese?

Can someone give me the Mandarin Chinese translation of the Korean name "Ji-Yeon So" in Mandarin characters and in English please?.

10 points to whoever can help me. And thank you in advance.

Why is Mandarin so hard? :(?

I’ve decided to learn only spoken Mandarin and not the written (so I can understand the actual language) but these tones are so hard and it sounds so…. different. Japanese on the other hand, is different aswell, but their words are easy to pronounce.

Does it get any easier? 🙁

any good ones you know of?
idc whether its a soap, anime, movie, or even a cartoon…..i just need something to help quicken learning mandarin. thank you

Can you give an english translation too please?

Also can you write it in pinyin.

Is it all-around better to know Cantonese or Mandarin?

i think i need to start learning chinese, but idk which dialect would be the best. i hear mandarin is really widespread, but a lot of chinese people i know speak cantonese dialect…

Pronunciation of sounds in Mandarin and Korean?

I’ve recently begun studying Mandarin Chinese and Korean.

Now obviously there are many sounds in each language that are not in English, but I’m curious about similarities between sounds in these two languages.

One sound (two sounds?) in particular has caught my attention. They both seem to be similar in some ways to English "s" but with the tip of the tongue touching the bottom teeth. So here is my question: are the sounds represented by "x" in pinyin and by ㅅ in hangeul the same sound?

What are some mandarin terms of endearment?

What are some mandarin/chinese terms of endearment that you would call a boyfriend? (similar to how in english, we say things like "baby", "sexy", "darling") The only ones I can think of seem more suitable for a child rather than a lover.

Please give pinyin and translation! Thanks!

If you can read, write, and speak Japanese, is learning Mandarin pretty easy (compared to only being able to read, write, and speak romance languages)?

what are my chances of becoming a cop at this age?

I’m 31, college educated (Criminology and Criminal Justice), can speak Mandarin (Chinese) and some Spanish, and I’m in excellent physical shape. I was also a school police officer in the past and a 911 dispatcher.

I’m a bit worried because of the job market. Will being able to speak Chinese and Spanish give me a big boost over the competition?

How do you say "me too" in mandarin?

how do you write it in pinyin(mandarin)?

is it all-around better to know Cantonese or Mandarin?

i think i need to start learning chinese, but idk which dialect would be the best. i hear mandarin is really widespread, but a lot of chinese people i know speak cantonese dialect…

To Those Who Speak Mandarin (Chinese) and English?

When you say "Hello, how are you?"
Do you go…
"Nǐ hǎo, nǐ hǎo ma?"
Or do you say something else? Because a sentence like that sounds too choppy to me.

I’m currently learning Japanese. I have a very limited vocabulary, know little kanji, and I’m just barely able to read. Though I’m struggling to learn Japanese, I also want to learn Mandarin. See, there are two REALLY great Taiwanese dramas I’ve been wanting to watch FOREVER, so since I can’t find English subs for them, I want to learn Mandarin. I had always been interested in learning Mandarin, so now’s my chance.

Is this a bad idea? I mean, I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for quite a while now and I still suck at it (the amount of kanji to learn is also quite discouraging =P). I’m not entirely sure I should learn Mandarin right now ( it looks pretty challenging Q_Q), but I really want to. =/

What are your thoughts? All advice is welcome! 🙂

Do the people in Taiwan speak Mandarin Chinese?

If you speak Mandarin Chinese, can you go to Taiwan and be mutually understood by them? I’ve heard many different things, and I’m really curious about what they speak there.

I want to say, "I’m speaking Chinese because… 我不要我的妈妈听到我们."
Or "I’m speaking Chinese because… 我要练." (I’m not sure if that’s right, but whatever.) xD
I would appreciate if you could answer in pinyin, I don’t know a lot of characters, only basics.
Edit: If you speak more than one language, you should know that Google translate sucks. I wont use it.

NEED TRANSLATION: english to mandarin chinese pinyin?

Please help translate in pinyin?

Hello. My name is Jane. I am Korean. I was born in Seoul. My birthday is June 26. I am 16 years old. I am a high school student. My favorite subject in school is English.
There are 4 people in my family: my dad, my mom, my younger brother, and me. My phone number is __________.
My best friend is Kim. She and I have been friends since 6th grade. She is very funny.
I enjoy playing the piano. I also like to read. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.
I always sleep late– my sleeping time varies from midnight to 4 AM. That is why I love coffee. It helps me to stay awake.
it would really be helpful if you helped..

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